7 Unique BBQ Skewers You Can Get on Amazon

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Summertime is the perfect time to break out the skewers and start grilling! These BBQ skewers are a little different than the ones you’re used to – they are full of delicious and unique recipes that will amaze your guests. We’ve got everything from chicken skewers to shrimp skewers, so there’s something for everyone. So fire up the grill and get ready for some amazing food!

BBQ Skewers – Set of 2 Stainless Steel Reusable Barbecue Skewers

Price : $16.98

Product Description : 

Our Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers make kabobs better thanks to our reusable stainless steel design that make more room for shrimp, veggies and proteins. The design promotes even cooking since food won’t spin and they make it easier for taking food on and off. Our unique design tips keep in place for easier flipping and they make an awesome plate presentation for easier enjoying!

17 long double pronged bbq skewers with push bar

17″ Long Double Pronged BBQ Skewers with Push Bar

Price : $21.99

Product Description :

A great plus in the barbecue gathering for meat, shrimp,·veggies, chicken, sausages, beef, kebabs and so on. 17 Inch.The 17-inch barbecue skewers can add more bbq food compared to the 13-inch kobab skewers, and the grill skewers are stronger.


large flat stainless steel brazilian barbecue style bbq skewers

Large Flat Stainless Steel Brazilian Barbecue Style BBQ Skewers

Price : $42.95

Product Description :

Perfect for barbecue, koobideh kabobs (kebabs), shish kebabs, kofta, Turkish, Argentinian, Brazilian, shashlik, seekh kebab. Suitable for barbecuing large pieces of food such as ribs, skirt steak, and peppers. Flat configuration helps stop meat from rotating on skewer.

stainless steel marshmallow roaster novelty barbecue bbq tools

Stainless Steel Marshmallow Roaster, Novelty Barbecue BBQ Tools

Price : $9.99

Product Description

Entertain your family and friends with this funny campfire roasting sticks. Bet your friends don’t have one of these stainless steel cookers. Environment-friendly Material: Highest quality approved power welded technology use Non-Toxic 18/8 food grade 304 stainless steel to ensure no rusting and safe roasting.A simple wipe with cooking oil will prevent any rust after cleaning. Roughly 2.4″ wide x 11.8″ tall Made from high quality steel. Hard and not easy to break. Enjoy fun: Novelty shaped stainless steel camp fire roasting sticks are very suitable for any outdoor bonfire parties.

heruki double metal skewers for bbq

HERUKI Double Metal Skewers for BBQ

Price : $25.97

Product Description : 

Double Metal Skewers, 2.3” wide and 14” long for big pieces of meat, with a unique original design. You can serve with it in a festive meal at home or in restaurants. BBQ Skewers are 2mm thick brushed finish 304 Stainless Steel skewers, dishwasher safe. They can hold more than 3 pounds of meat, easy to insert for its sharp tips.

unicook heavy duty stainless steel barbecue skewer shish kabob set

UNICOOK Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer Shish Kabob Set

Price : $17.99

Product Description : 

BBQ skewer set Includes both stainless steel skewers and bamboo skewers with grill rack which elevate shish kabobs away from grill grates and hold skewers in place, perfect for grilling shish kabobs on charcoal, gas and electric grills. Special stiffening rib design of the grill rack, more sturdier and durable.

shish kabob grill skewers & ideal kabob sticks

Shish Kabob Grill Skewers & Ideal Kabob Sticks

Price : $20.99

Product Description : 

Flat blade, not round, to get you out of the trouble of food spinning, allows you to achieve an even cook a lot easier, so flavor becomes much better; Made of thick stainless steel with a smooth finish, so no burrs, no bending, and no need to soak for 30 min before each BBQ like you would have to do with those wooden/ bamboo skewers, easily get you out of unnecessary trouble, and let you just focus on your nice grilling.


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