Cool Ways to Display Hot Wheels Cars

Do you have a collection of Hot Wheels cars? If so, you probably want to find creative ways to display them. We have found some unique options for displaying your Hot Wheels cars. Whether you have a small collection or a large one, these ideas will help you show off your cars in a fun and interesting way!

toy car tire display train set display shelf

Price : USD $80.06
Product Description :

Show off cars or train sets in this unique bike tire display!

Beautifully stained wooden shelves fit perfectly into this brand new bike tire that really stands out in a bedroom, playroom, or basement/mancave. It comes ready to mount on the wall, and can be hung high for use as a display, or nice and low for the kids to reach and drive and park their cars on.


hot wheels matchboxscale diecast display case cabinet wall rack protection

Hot Wheels Matchbox 1/64 Scale Diecast Display Case Cabinet

Price : $114.99
Product Description :
Hand made from imported Australia beech wood. This furniture grade 1:64 model car display case cabinet is of beautiful design and construction, very detailed and attractive, but also very affordable Display case has 12 shelves, with a overlip so the cars do not fall out. Great way to showcase your cars, but still have the option of easily touching the models. Display case has a BLACK felt background to give your cars a great contrast. Case can hold just about every brand of 1:64 scale cars. (cars are not included) .

wood toy car storage organizer holds 48 diecast cars freestanding or wall display case shelf matchbox &hot wheels car compatible

Wood Toy Car Storage Organizer – Holds 48 Diecast Cars

Price : USD 149.99
Product Description :
Motivate your child to put their cars away while having fun – with included car sticker racetrack game (created with a neuroscientist), name personalization feature, big exciting truck design, handcrafted premium wooden tactile material with engraved detail, and ability for your child to paint, stain, or varnish the truck. The truck is developed to help you parent smarter, not harder. Check the next bullet point.
wall display for hot wheels

Wall Display for Hot Wheels/Matchbox, and other 1/64 scale cars

Price : USD 9.99
Product Description :

Hot Wheels Display | Wall Display for Hot Wheels/Matchbox, and other 1/64 scale cars.

Techconnext is excited to debut our latest new product – lightweight car shelf display brackets! Compatible with Hot Wheels, Matchbox and other 1/64 scale cars, these brackets can be used for displaying all 1/64 scale cars using existing Hot Wheels or Matchbox car tracks, creating a beautiful wall display for your car collection. 1 shelf track can hold up to 5 cars.

kislane display case compatible with hot wheels cars

KISLANE Display Case Compatible with Hot Wheels Cars

Price : $45.90
Product Description :

KISLANE display case for kids toy cars keep your needs in mind. This large capacity display case can hold for hot wheels cars, matchbox cars, monster jam trucks and more small toy cars. NOTE: CASE ONLY. NO ACCESSORIES INCLUDED. Dust-proof: This display case for hot wheels cars, matchbox cars and monster jam trucks designs with front transparent sleeve keeps your hot wheels cars, matchbox cars, or monster jam trucks from dirty. Transparent material allows you to find the cars you want quickly.

2 displays for die cast toy cars diagonal shelves wheels holds 66 die cast cars hot!

Price : USD 85.00
Product Description :

2 Laser cut 3/16 plywood toy car display rack.

Entire rack measures only 17” by 17”.

Rack will hold 66 1:64 die-cast cars. Slots are slightly oversized at 3.5”x1.5” to hold the longer and taller cars.

Wheel stops are cut in the shelf to prevent rolling. Shelf shows off more of your collectible car by allowing 3 sides to be seen.

You will receive 34 unfinished pieces that will easily fit together with wood glue. Although pictures are of the rack not glued and it stays together nicely, glue should be used to reinforce the rack. You will also receive general instructions.

kislane display case compatible with hot wheels matchbox cars non wood display case for hot wheels cars

KISLANE Display Case Compatible with Hot Wheels, Matchbox Cars, Non-Wood Display Case 

Price : $39.90
Product Description :

Non-wood Display Frame. By your DIY to collect for hot wheels, matchbox cars and more toy cars for displaying. Decorating your home by this display case for hot wheels. NO ACCESSORIES INCLUDED.

20 cool wheels tire display

Price : USD 99.50
Product Description :

Unique handmade wall art for display of your favorite Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. An original work, signed by the artist. A real tire with “hubcap” that is a design of chrome-colored pipes that hold your cars. The wheel size is 20″ diameter, and it can hold 31 cars of varying sizes. Weighs 3 lbs.


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