Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm Room Essentials

Moving into dorms for the first time can be a very daunting and exciting experience. There are tons of dorm supplies that you will need to purchase, but what dorm essentials should you stock up on? We have compiled a list of dorm room essentials that every dorm-living student needs!

Dorm life is a lot different than what you may be used to from high school. You will no longer have a kitchen to cook in or laundry machines right next door. You’ll need all sorts of dorm room supplies and if you’re not properly prepared, life could get pretty tough!

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Dorm Room Essentials

Below is a list of the most important dorm room supplies you’ll need. There are plenty more, but these essentials will get you started:

Most people think of things like:





Remember with a college bed, they are typically a Twin XL size. This is important to remember when purchasing sheets.

There are other items you may not think of. This is especially true if your child is heading off to college for the first time. Here are some other things to think of:

Dorm room essentials for cooking

Dorm room cooking essentials might be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible! Here are some items to pack:

  • A hot plate

A hot plate for your cooking is a versatile and inexpensive choice. A hotplate, or stovetop burner, burns gas on an electric coil as long as you provide electricity to the unit.

  • Pot or pan with a lid

pot or pan with a lid is the most important item you’ll need. Don’t forget about any of those other utensils in your dorm because they can all go inside this guy!

  • Frying pan

frying pan is an item that you might not think to pack, but it’s a good idea.

  • A cutting board and knife set

You may not think of it but a cutting board and knife set is a great thing to have if your dorm allows cooking.

  • Extra utensils

You’ll want to make sure you bring enough forks, spoons, and knives to last you a few meals.

Don’t forget the dish soap to clean these cooking items!

Dorm room essentials for cleaning

The best way to keep your dorm clean is by staying on top of it! Here are some items that will help make this possible:

  • Laundry detergent pods

This one might seem obvious, but if you don’t have laundry facilities in the dorm, you will need this! Laundry detergent pods are a great way to get your clothes clean and save time. Plus, they come in handy when you’re tight on space.

Bring things like an air freshener so that it doesn’t smell too bad in your dorm room.

Lysol wipes are a great way to clean and disinfect your dorm room before you pack up and leave.

  • Soap

Bring some hand soap for the restroom. You can also bring a sponge or scrub brush for the pots, pans, plates, cups, and silverware.

You may want to include things like paper towels as well as toilet tissue for your bathroom needs.

  • Toiletries

Don’t get your personal toiletries. These can be easily overlooked items. It is important to think of everything you could possibly need when packing.

Shampoo and conditioner

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Hairbrush or comb

You’ll also want to bring items like soap and shampoo for the shower as well. You may not be able to find these in your dorm room when you first move in so it’s best to pack them with other things that are common necessities.

For young ladies, do not forget to pack feminine hygiene products.

Dorm room essentials for your desk

  • Lamp

A lamp for your desk or bedside table. There are many designs that can be found in stores, but I would recommend purchasing a lamp with an adjustable head so you will have more flexibility when moving the light around.

  • Desk organizer

A desk organizer can be used to keep all of your pens and pencils together on one surface area; also, when papers are misplaced, they can be found and put back in order.

  • Desk calendar

desk calendar with large blocks of space for the days is very helpful if you have a busy schedule or need to plan out your homework assignments.

  • Doorway organizer

If your dorm room does not come equipped with everything that you need to organize your dorm room, a doorway organizer can be used to hang towels, clothes, and other items.

  • File folders

A great way for students to keep papers organized is by using file folders that are labeled with the subject of each paper within their folder; this also helps prevent any spilling or worse cases like losing important documents!

  • Laptop backpack

Laptops are great for dorm rooms because they can be used as a desktop computer or taken anywhere you need to go. A laptop backpack is important too! A laptop backpack helps to protect your laptop when going to class, or the library.

  • Flashlight

If the power goes out in your building at night (or if it’s just dark), make sure that there’s a flashlight on hand so you don’t have to worry about finding a light source!

  • Surge protector

surge protector will help in case of power outages, and also protects your electronics from any sudden surges.

Dorm room essentials for storage

  • Closet organizer

A closet organizer is an essential item for any dorm room. Closet organizers are perfect because they allow you to hang clothes on hangers, as well as store items like shoes and bags on the shelf below.

  • Under-bed storage boxes or bins

If your space allows for it, these can be used to help keep your dorm room neat and organized.

These can also be used to pack a semester’s worth of clothes in case you are away from your dorm room for an extended period.

  • Locker

Some colleges and universities provide lockers on campus, but if not, it is important to bring one or two with you because the college may require these as part of the registration process.

footlocker at the end of your bed is a great way to lock up any valuables when you are not in your room. You may not know and trust the friends your roommate has.

Don’t forget to pack snacks and drinks in case there is nothing available! These would be great to store in your footlocker so that they do not disappear before you can consume them.

If you’re new to college life, the dorm room experience can be a little daunting. You may not know what to bring or where everything should go in your tiny space. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We put together this list of dorm room essentials for any freshman’s dorm room so that you’ll have just enough to make your dorm feel like home.

Few other necessities:

Earplugs – Holy cow! People actually thought I was joking when I told them that their first week in college would be a rude awakening to how loud people can get. Earplugs are my best friends at night now because of this one little fact. Make sure you get the good ones; they’re cheap and will save your sanity.

Electrical tape – Now that you don’t have Mommy or Daddy around to fix things, expect something in your room to break. Electrical tape is great for little things like this.

Extra hangers – I’m not sure why, but it seems like the people who are assigned to the rooms in my dorms never have enough hangers. Maybe it’s because they don’t use them, or maybe all their stuff doesn’t fit on one. Either way, now that you’ve got a laundry basket, you’ll want to get some extra hangers as well.

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