Free Printable Peace of Mind Planner PDF – Plan for the Unexpected

peace of mind planner mock up

So you don’t want to hear this but one day your significant other will pass. It is inevitable. Hopefully you have decades but if it happens suddenly, you or your partner may be left in a lurch. Especially is one handles most of the bills.

We have a will and everything set up but it dawned on me on one day that if something happens to me my husband would have no idea where to go to pay the mortgage, car payments, utilities, and more. I pay the bills, he doesn’t. Because of this I created this document to put all of the important information into one spot.

This one document will help the other make sure the bills are paid and know where the valuables are kept. We also created a document to go with our will to give family members access to what they will need if something happens to both of us so they can take care of our son. You want to make sure they know about safes, post office boxes, etc.

Trick is, you want this somewhere no one else can find it. I personally like things printed and stored at home rather than digitally. I like personal information protected and offline. These are things you need to think about and discuss….just in case.

We have also included a Free Printable Death Checklist to help you make sure you get everything done.


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