Free Printable Kids Valentine’s Day Monster Cards

Need cards for the kids to take to school?

monster cards for vday

Get your kids ready for Valentine’s Day with these fun and free printable Kids Valentine’s Day Monster Cards!

Give a unique card to every special little monster in their class. With bright colors, goofy grins, and special messages, these cards are sure to make anyone crack a smile.

So get ready to spread some love this Valentine’s Day – let the monsters take over!

Activity Pack Includes:

Here are the pages that are included….

monster card 1
monster card 2
monster card 3

Print one or print the entire pack. Just select the pages you want and print the ones you need!

Card stock is heavier than normal paper and may take a few attempts to get it to print properly. Every printer is going to show different settings under this drop down menu, so you may need to play around and try a couple different options to determine which works best.

One more thing to note is that certain printers do not handle heavy paper well, and it may need to be fed through a bypass or manual tray. You can tell your printer to pull from this tray instead of the main tray by changing your printer settings.


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