Athletic Shoe Test Programs – Get Shoes for FREE!

Several shoe companies offer these programs for athletic type (or wannabe athletic type) people to try out their product. You wear the shoes for a few months and then send them back so they can see how the shoes held up and get your opinion of the shoes. Yes, you have to give them back, BUT you get to wear really cool shoes for a few months. You will probably be sick of them by then anyways…lol.

Want to hear the best part? They have kids programs! I don’t know about you but my son goes through shoes every few months so I am hoping that he gets accepted too.

You will need to sign up and answer a few questions. They will either accept or decline your application. If you are accepted you go into a pool of candidates and when a test comes along where you fit their criteria they send you shoes!!!!

Here are a few programs I know about…

Nike Product Test Program – Athletic Shoes
–Must return shoes, free shipping
Apply here

New Balance Test Program – Athletic Shoes
–Must return shoes, they pay shipping
Apply here

Reebok – Athletic Shoes
–Must return shoes, you pay shipping. Receive free Reebok product for participating
Apply here

Asics – Running Shoes
–Possibly keep shoes
Apply here

Brooks – Running Shoes
–Must return shoes, they pay shipping. Must be a runner (8 minute miles – 15 miles a week). Also only accepts specific sizes.
Apply here

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