Wed, 31 Jul

at 9:25 pm

House Party: Host an American Girl Bitty Baby House Party

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American Girl Bitty Baby House PartyApply to Host an American Girl Bitty Baby House Party on Saturday, October 05, 2013. If you are selected, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Bitty Baby Doll Set
  • Additional picture story book, doll outfit and plush animal
  • Bitty Baby coloring sheets, puzzles, wishing stars and more for your guests
  • Tip sheets for moms
  • And more!

Hosting opportunities are limited, so apply now!

In case you don’t know, HouseParty is an awesome, free program where you apply to host a House Party.  If you are chosen, they send you the supplies (a TON of FREE STUFF) and you invite friends and family to share in the excitement. These are a lot of fun and definitely worth the time it takes to apply, normally around 5 minutes.

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