Freebies for Kids from PETA – Free PETA Anti-Speciesism Starter Pack

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PETA offers quite a few freebies for kids. Today there are new Free PETA Anti-Speciesism Starter Pack available – copy and paste that link into your browser!

free peta kids stickers

PETA’s Freebies for Kids program is an exciting way to get your children learning about the importance of animal welfare and rights. Featuring a range of fun and educational materials, this program provides young people with the knowledge they need to become activists, while also having a great time.

Items available include coloring books, posters, fact sheets, stickers, and pamphlets with stories about animals in need. Kids can also learn more about PETA’s campaigns and how to get involved in their work.

free peta kids comic books

Through these freebies, PETA encourages kids to think critically about the world around them and help make it a better place for all species.

You may need to copy and paste the link to get the freebie…

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