Freebies for Kids from PETA – Free Peta2 Animal Rights Sticker Set

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PETA offers quite a few freebies for kids. Today there are new Free Peta2 Animal Rights Sticker Set at the -copy/paste the link and fill out the form to get one!


You can never have too many stickers, amirite? 😍 That’s for sure our motto, which is why we’re offering a set of 53 (‼️) super-cute animal rights–themed stickers—order yours today!

free peta kids stickers

PETA’s Freebies for Kids program is an exciting way to get your children learning about the importance of animal welfare and rights. Featuring a range of fun and educational materials, this program provides young people with the knowledge they need to become activists, while also having a great time.

Items available include coloring books, posters, fact sheets, stickers, and pamphlets with stories about animals in need. Kids can also learn more about PETA’s campaigns and how to get involved in their work.

free peta kids comic books

Through these freebies, PETA encourages kids to think critically about the world around them and help make it a better place for all species.

You may need to copy and paste the link to get the freebie…

peta for kids


PETA for Kids is a branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that focuses on educating and engaging young people about animal rights and the importance of compassion towards animals. This division aims to inspire the next generation to be kind and considerate towards all living beings through age-appropriate content and activities.

Core Activities and Resources:

  1. Educational Materials:
    • Website: The PETA for Kids website offers a variety of resources, including articles, videos, and games designed to teach kids about animal rights and veganism in an engaging way.
    • Books and Pamphlets: PETA for Kids provides books, comics, and pamphlets that explain animal rights concepts in a kid-friendly manner.
  2. School Programs:
    • Humane Education: PETA for Kids offers humane education programs for schools, providing teachers with lesson plans and activities that teach students about animal welfare.
    • Classroom Visits: Representatives from PETA for Kids sometimes visit classrooms to give presentations on animal rights and the importance of treating animals kindly.
  3. Activism and Involvement:
    • Campaigns: PETA for Kids runs specific campaigns aimed at young activists, encouraging them to get involved in efforts to help animals. This can include writing letters, participating in protests, and spreading awareness among their peers.
    • Clubs and Groups: Kids are encouraged to start or join animal rights clubs in their schools or communities to work together on projects and initiatives.
  4. Fun Activities:
    • Games and Quizzes: The website features interactive games and quizzes that teach kids about animal rights while entertaining them.
    • Crafts and Projects: PETA for Kids offers ideas for crafts and projects that kids can do to help animals, such as making bird feeders or creating posters to raise awareness.
  5. Vegan Recipes:
    • Kid-Friendly Recipes: The site includes a section with simple and delicious vegan recipes that kids can try at home, promoting a plant-based diet from a young age.
  6. Celebrity Endorsements:
    • Role Models: PETA for Kids often highlights young celebrities who advocate for animal rights, providing role models for children to look up to.


  • Awareness: To raise awareness among young people about the various forms of animal cruelty and the importance of animal rights.
  • Empowerment: To empower kids to make compassionate choices and take action to help animals.
  • Education: To educate children about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and how they can contribute to a more humane world.


PETA for Kids aims to create a future generation that is more conscious of animal rights and welfare. By reaching children early, they hope to instill values of kindness, empathy, and respect for all living beings.

Overall, PETA for Kids serves as an important tool in spreading the message of animal rights to younger audiences, ensuring that the movement continues to grow and evolve with each new generation.

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