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SwagGrabber Giveaways: Winners List!

Here are last weeks Giveaway winners!  All winners will be emailed.  Also all prizes will be sent out today so if you haven’t received an email or your prize please email me at admin@swaggrabber.com.

$1000 Costa Rica Trip!

Holly C (hollykristin24@)

$200 to esalerugs!

Lori A. (lori.core@)

$220 in Pearl Jewelry!

Erin J. (misselj@)
Frank B. (capthowdy777@)

$100 to Spend at NuMe!

Sara L. (Ladygracesara@)
Marianne E. (marianne.elkins@)
Jessica T. (jetgirl01@)
Misty L. (contrastwhiteonwhite@)

Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace ($122.50 Value)

Melanie C. (my.mel.box@)
Anna E. (annaellis7@)

Want to see all of the winners?  Click the “Read More”.

$30 to Dollar Days:
Laura H. (l.houston@)
Tarrah M. (jscttarah@)

$30 in Unique Gifts:
Sybilla F. (toon2fab@)
Erica R. (ericarezac@)

$30 to BeautyExpress.com:
Kris B. (dkjjlbehri@)
Alaina T. (alainarae@)
Scott W. (jkentwalsh@)
Marla S. (serafino@)
Shari Y. (sharipadua@)

$30 to L. Shanale’s:
Ashley C. (sohappy2balive@)
Heather Z. (faye1218@)

$42 in Designer Fragrance:
Tanisha L. (nishabug@)
Holly C. (hollykristin24@)

$100 in Discount Dental Insurance:
Regina T. (rtcoupons@)

Sampler Pack, Recipe Book & $30 Worth of Spices ($54 Value):
Darlene C. (dardar64@)
Jennifer K. (jenni22_2000@)

$12 in Cell Phone Accessories:
Jennifer J. (pocolachristian@)
Jan D. (dtruck1@)

$50 to Overstock Art.com:
Evelyn R. (angelhartnj@)
Bethany J. (jebany@)

$24 in Gourmet Coffee:
Stacy S. (TheMissLady@)
Anne S. (anneshreffler@)

Organic Tea, Membership & E-Book ($178.95 Value):
Natalie P. (npot7@)
Danielle P. (dee72930@)

$35 Photo Book:
Yelena S. (clearwater2483@)
Angela M. (angelamyers32@)
Jen C. (teamstermike77@)
Michelle M. (MarbleEyes01@)
Sierra W. (sierrastrick_09@)

$30 to Spend on Decorative Wall Letter:
Candice H. (candysangels_2@)
Lori C. (frogzie73@)
Andrea W. (andrea2russia@)
Amanda K. (amandamkuhl@)
Lori M. (smallwonder1175@)


  1. Jen C on July 20, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Congratulations, everyone!

    Thanks, Sheri! I was so excited to win something :)

  2. Colleen on July 20, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Congrats to all of the winners – Enjoy!

  3. Anna Ellis on August 17, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    I never received an email or the item. :(

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