Buy 1 Advil Product at Walmart, Get a FREE $13 Movie Ticket

Well, this is a pretty cool freebie!

Walmart and Activate Rewards is offering a FREE Movie Ticket (worth up to $13) when you buy just one Advil product from Walmart!

It’s a pretty easy one to get…

  1. Buy 1 participating Advil product at Walmart between 09/29/2019 – 11/20/2019. Retain your printed paper receipt.
  2. Take a photo of your receipt, showing the qualifying items starred, and upload the image using either your mobile device or desktop computer.
  3. We review submissions within 2 business days. Once your receipt is approved you will receive an email confirmation with your Promo Code.

Eligible Advil products include:

Advil Tablet 50ct 30573015030
Advil Liqui-Gel 40ct 30573016930
Advil Caplet 100ct 30573016040
Advil Tablet 100ct 30573015040
Advil Tablet 130ct 30573015130
Advil Liqui-Gel Migraine 80ct 30573016840
Advil Liqui-Gel Mini 80ct 30573176980
Advil Liqui-Gel 80ct 30573016940
Advil PM Liqui-Gel 40ct 30573016743
Advil PM Caplet 80ct 30573016440
Advil Tablet 200ct 30573015475
Advil Liqui-Gel Mini 160ct 30573176989
Advil Liqui-Gel 160ct 30573016989
Advil PM Caplet 120ct 30573016443
Advil PM Liqui-Gel 80ct 30573016755
Advil Tablet 300ct 30573015498
Advil Liqui-Gel Mini 200ct 30573176913
Advil Liqui-Gel 200ct 30573016949