Community Question: How Do You Store Your Stockpile?

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Carrie R. posted this question on Facebook

“I am getting ready to redo do my stock pile any
suggestion on what to use for shelving. etc”

I thought this would be a great question to open up to all of you because everyone is in a different situation and has a different way of storing things.

I would LOVE to hear about yours!  What do you use to store your stockpile and do you have any suggestions?

My situation….

I am REALLY fortunate right now to have a lot of storage.  I have a huge pantry in the kitchen, lots of storage in the master bath, and a office that has a ton of closet space.  Because of this mine is spread out.  Food is in the kitchen, except for the extra refridgerated items (cold food and drinks) which are in the garage refridgerator.  Extra bathroom supplies are in our rather large cabinet in our bathroom (spilling over into Master closet…LOL) and extras are in the office. Plus there are only three of us, we don’t have a huge stockpile, only enough for about 3-6 months.

BUT when I was first starting out we had a 2 bedroom condo with ZERO storage.  We were lucky enough to have a garage so I put plastic shelves up and used that for everything I could.  This caused problems because we live in Florida and is very humid.  Some items (dog bones in particular) molded in this situation – it was very sad. So I had to tweak what all what stored in the garage.  It worked great for laundry detergent, bottled drinks, etc. I started keeping everything else in the house. In the house I had as much food as possible in the kitchen, then extras in the hall closet and then extra bathroom items were in storage bins under our bed.  I was actually a big time stockpiler then and we were overflowing with extras.  When we moved I donated a LOT of this and gave a ton to my family.  This helped reduce the amount we had to move.



  1. cray623 on March 3, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    I don’t find coupons available anymore for stock piling. But I liked the rubbermaid heavy duty utility shelves.

  2. Kristin on March 4, 2012 at 10:04 am

    We keep extra bathroom item – soap, shampoo, deodorant under a sink in a bathroom that is rarely used. I keep TP/Paper towels in the walk-in attic. I have a small pantry for stuff in the kitchen (one item of each – 1 corn, 1 beans, 1 spaghetti sauce etc) . A set of small shelves in a hall closet for xtra food items and a large rubbermaid storage container in the playroom for the lots of extras – when you get 12 bbq sauces etc. So I continually rotate from the closet to the pantry and the rubbermaid to the closet. Not fabulous but it helps me rotate.

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