10 Insanely Cool and Simple Craft Ideas with Household Items

how to make stickers

Looking for simple and affordable craft ideas that use household items? Look no further than HubSpot. Our collection of easy crafts is perfect for anyone looking to get creative without spending a lot of money. From paper airplanes to yarn crafts, we’ve got something for everyone. So why not get started today?

How to Make Stickers

There are multiple ways to make stickers at home, but they all boil down to one thing—a cool picture with a sticky back. I’m going to show you exactly how I made these flower stickers using wax paper and packing tape.

how to mak embellished clay key covers

How to Make Embellished Clay Key Covers

Well, some of you might. But I know that some of you have to try multiple keys before you find your right house key. And there’s probably a lot of you out there who has keys, but has no idea to what they open.

toilet paper roll clothespin puppets

Toilet Paper Roll Clothespin Puppets

Make these adorable toilet paper roll clothespin puppets using the free printable template – featuring loads of facial features and accessories that you or your crafty child can mix and match!

diy cork garden labels

DIY Cork Garden Labels

Make your own cork garden labels that won’t fade! Mark your herbs this season, so next year you know what’s coming in.

chomping cardboard dragon steam craft

Chomping Cardboard Dragon STEAM Craft

STEAM activities are fun on their own but when you’re enjoying dragon-themed STEM activities, your kids are definitely in for a treat. This chomping cardboard dragon STEAM craft is a fun way to combine arts and crafts with STEAM concepts and lessons.

a diy magnetic board from an upcycled cookie sheet

A DIY Magnetic Board from an Upcycled Cookie Sheet

Our family openly, yet lovingly jokes about the way our mom regularly re-purposes items in her home, like when she turns her empty yogurt containers into flower pots or like when she turns her broom handle into a garden post. Well it seems as though the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  I think she would be very impressed with the way I turned an old cookie sheet into this DIY magnetic board.

simple upcycled map coasters gift idea

Simple Upcycled Map Coasters Gift Idea

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and husbands of my readers!  We know we could not do it without you, taking care of the family and also all those projects that require heavy duty electrical power tool usage.

making wine cork succulent planters

Making Wine Cork Succulent Planters

A Step By Step, Very Detailed Tutorial On How To Make These Adorable Wine Cork Planters For Wedding Guest Or Party Favors.

diy wall art popsicle stick hexagon shelf part i


After you make this shelf, check out Part II to make an expanded set of DIY honeycomb shelves that would make Don Draper drool.

frozen inspired character play dough

Frozen Inspired Character Play Dough

If you love the characters of Disney’s hit movie Frozen, you will love this Frozen inspired character play dough! Each piece of play dough represents one of your favorite characters, including Elsa, Anna, and of course, Olaf! Take a look below at how you can craft your own Frozen inspired character play dough, so you can really get in the spirit of all things Frozen!


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