10 Items To Never Buy Used

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When you are trying to save money, buying used is often the best way to go, but these items to never buy used will surprise you. Sometimes there are just too many issues with used items to be worth the lower price. As you budget and thrift shop, make sure to avoid these purchases.

10 Items To Never Buy Used

Mattresses. As much as you want that great deal on a pillow top mattress, the things hidden under the sheets may not be pleasant. From urine to dust mites or even bed bugs the things a mattress may hold are not pleasant. A used mattress is not worth the frustration should you come in contact with something unsavory.

Computers. Many individuals say this is a great way to save money, but the idea that a used computer without a warranty could go bad at a moments notice isn’t a pleasant thought. Instead of buying used, look for an older model on closeout or a refurbished model both of which would have a warranty included.

Upholstered Furniture. For the same reasons you don’t want to buy a used mattress, upholstered furniture is something you may want to avoid. If you plan to put new cushions and upholstery on the furniture, a good frame or antique piece may be valuable to you. Be careful on these purchases though.

Swimsuits. This along with wet suits and under garments don’t need a lot of explanation. Simply avoid buying something someone else has worn close to intimate areas. It’ just not a clean feeling no matter how much they have been washed.

Footwear. Feet sweat and occasionally have fungus. Shoes can harbor all kinds of germs and fungus that will make wearing used shoes something unsafe and unsanitary. Shop discount sales at your favorite retailers instead.

used tires

Tires. A used tired may seem like a great deal up front, but you don’t know the wear that tire has seen. Instead of investing your money on a used tired, instead save up for the new tire that comes with a warranty and coverage for at least 1 year or 10,000 miles of wear.

Car Parts. Used car parts leave a lot to be desired. Not only do they already contain wear and tear, but they may not be safe at all for your vehicle. Just say no to the discounted used part for your car. Buy new car parts instead to make sure your car is in tip top condition.

Car Seats. Car seats are what keep your children safe while in a moving vehicle. It is so important to buy a quality new seat. Not only do you not know if a used seat has been in an accident or even recalled, but they also have expiration dates. Most car seats are good for only 4-5 years before the wear and tear on the material makes them unsafe.

Cribs. The safety of your baby is more important than a good deal. Cribs may be perfectly safe, but there are a multitude of issues that can arise if a recall item was replaced and you don’t know about it. Instead of buying a crib used, look for sales on brand new cribs instead.

Vacuum Cleaners. While a vacuum cleaner may be mechanically great used, you can never completely clean out what is has vacuumed up before. This can lead to allergy issues, as well as spreading things like fleas in your home. Just not worth it when you can find a quality new vacuum cleaner for under $50 in most retail stores.

These items to never buy used are items you can easily find brand new for great deals instead. Don’t put yourself in a place of wasting money on something you may not be able to use in the long run.

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