100 Teacher Gift Ideas Under $20

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Here is a fantastic list of 100 Gift Ideas Under $20 For Teachers!

While all are under $20 most are considerably less. Grab one or two items from the list, or create a great basket of several items they will love!

100 Gift Ideas Under $20 For Teachers

  1. Amazon Gift Card
  2. Hard Candy
  3. Gum
  4. First Aid Kit
  5. Fingerless Gloves
  6. Candles
  7. Lotion
  8. Scarves
  9. Desk organizers
  10. Hot Teas
  11. Instant Coffee or Cocoa
  12. Chocolate
  13. Restaurant Gift Card
  14. Emergency Feminine Hygiene (grab a small makeup bag and add a few emergency supplies along with pain relief and chocolate)
  15. Lip balm
  16. Specialty pens or pencils
  17. Personalized Stationary
  18. Thank you cards or blank note cards
  19. Calendars (small desk or even daily planner style)
  20. Magnets
  21. Journals
  22. Paperweights
  23. Sharpies in various colors (because everyone loves them and uses them)
  24. Bulletin board supplies (character cut outs, letter cut outs, boarders or colored papers)
  25. School supplies (extra paper, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, pencils, etc.)
  26. Nail Polish
  27. Manicure Kit
  28. Office supply store gift card
  29. Manicure at a local spa
  30. Picture frame for their class picture
  31. Pedicure at a local spa
  32. Flowers
  33. Potted plant for classroom
  34. Washi Tape
  35. Homemade cookies or candies
  36. Decorative storage containers for classroom
  37. Latest best seller (ask about their favorite authors/genres)
  38. Thermos (for them to bring coffee, cocoa, tea or even lunch in to their classroom)
  39. Cool adult lunch box (no cartoon characters but a pretty upscale version)
  40. Tote bags for carrying their books (31 also carries great easy to organize totes for teachers)
  41. Wallets or wristlets
  42. Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works are always popular)
  43. Puzzles or games for the classroom
  44. Stencils for the classroom
  45. Sanitizing wipes (for the desk, chairs, etc.)
  46. Personalized tumbler or travel mug
  47. Bottle of wine (if you know they drink)
  48. Large jar of Nutella and a box of plastic spoons (because everyone needs an emergency stash in their desk)
  49. Marbles for classroom use
  50. Scrapbook for the classroom (The book, pages, embellishments and a voucher to have images printed)
  51. Books for the classroom (ask for needs)
  52. Custom classroom sign with their name on it
  53. Personalized stamps and ink (ones that say things like, “great job”, “awesome work”, “Passing grade”, etc.)
  54. Volunteer to clean or organize their room or supplies
  55. Earbuds
  56. iTunes gift cards
  57. Educational movies for the classroom
  58. Tablet or Laptop bag or case
  59. Colorful chalk
  60. Dry erase markers
  61. Soft drinks (find out their favorite and stock them up)
  62. Bottled water
  63. Flavor packets for water
  64. Essential Oils
  65. Aromatherapy diffuser
  66. Movie night kit (popcorn bucket, microwave popcorn, theater candy)
  67. Specialty bath soap, bubble bath, shower gel or body scrubs
  68. Coffee shop gift card
  69. School team themed gifts (bleacher seat cushion, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, coffee mug, etc.)
  70. Charms or Pendants
  71. Business card holder
  72. Seasonal classroom decorations (holiday themed wreaths, candles or door signs)
  74. Key chains
  75. Gas gift card
  76. Emergency makeup kit (makeup bag with mascara, lipgloss, face wash and a gift card to a local drug store)
  77. Trail mix or granola bars
  78. Candied pecans
  79. Kleen Kanteen for water
  80. Nail files
  81. Sharpened pencils
  82. Cookbooks (if you know they like to cook)
  83. Air purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp
  84. Fuzzy socks
  85. Fluffy throw or blanket
  86. Decorative pillows
  87. Gourmet Coffee (if they like coffee try a sample pack of popular flavors)
  88. Air fresheners for the classroom (plug in outlet type, sprays or specialty oil diffusers)
  89. Batteries in various sizes (just like home, classrooms always need them)
  90. Fun candy jar (and fill it with candy to give to kids as rewards)
  91. Gift card to dollar store (for treats and rewards for the students)
  92. Stamps and envelopes (in case the school doesn’t cover the cost of correspondence to parents)
  93. Pocket Flashlights
  94. Unique clock for desk or wall
  95. Magazine Subscription
  96. Ice Cream Gift Card
  97. Rechargeable cell phone charger
  98. Movie tickets
  99. Stickers for the classroom
  100. Car wash vouchers

This extensive list of 100 gift ideas under $20 for teachers is perfect to begin with ideas. Whether you make things homemade, or you buy a suggested item off of this list, your teachers will be thrilled that you thought of them this year.

Got any other ideas? Leave them in the comments!

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