2019 Free Helpful Hurricane Apps and Websites


2019 Free Helpful Hurricane Apps and Websites

2019 Free Helpful Hurricane Apps and Websites

It’s hurricane season and there is yet another coming for Florida. As we get prepared we are sharing some of our best resources to help others.

Here are some Free Hurricane Tracking Apps and Websites to help you during the storm.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an app that provides information including National Weather Center updates, safety information and where to find emergency shelters.


GasBuddy lets drivers search for and compare gas prices. Users can search to see if gas stations in their area have fuel and power, as well.

Great resource if gas starts getting scarce!

American Red Cross

This app helps people locate American Red Cross shelters and offers information on how to put get ready for the storm.

The American Red Cross Safe and Well Website is a way for people affected by a disaster to enter information regarding their welfare so family and friends can check their status. You can enter a person’s name along with either a phone number or an address to look for updates.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app is already installed on many phones. Detailed radar maps, forecasting, and severe weather alerts are combined with video reports on specific storms including hurricanes for comprehensive coverage.

Mike’s Weather Page

I am a big fan of Mike. His predictions are usually spot on. Follow him on Facebook or check out his Spaghetti Models website for details about where the storm is going.

Hope these Free Hurricane Tracking Apps and Websites help!  Stay safe!

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