9 Easy Ways to Puppy Proof your Home for FREE

Easy Ways to Puppy Proof

9 Easy Ways to Puppy Proof your Home

Puppies are cute, but they can also be destructive. How do you know if your home is puppy-proof? How do you keep your home from being destroyed by a puppy? How can you prevent accidents, injuries and other problems as a new pet owner? There are many important things to consider when bringing home a pup. Follow these tips for keeping everybody safe!

Keep food out of reach

Animals are food-motivated by nature, so dogs, cats, and other pets may try to eat the food left on the dining table, counters, or any surface within their reach. Don’t let your furry babies gain access to human food filled with spicy seasonings. Remember, even if the menu is not really dangerous for them, having them eat table food is not really the best idea. Always clear tables and counters every after mealtime, or just simply ban the animals from dining areas.

Hide medicines and supplements

Every pet-safe zone needs to be a drug-free zone. Human medication is the most common source of pet poisoning each year, so see to it that everything is safely stored in drawers and cabinets. Vitamins, supplements, and other drugs shouldn’t be left sitting on countertops and side tables. As for pet medications, store them separately from your own.

Remove poisonous houseplants

Do you love collecting houseplants? You may want to assess your collection before your new pet comes home. These plants may appear innocent, but they can be sources of health issues, from mild skin irritation and an upset stomach to death, in case your pet decides to eat it. The most popular houseplants which are poisonous to dogs and other animals are sago palm, aloe vera, caladium, and pothos plants.

Easy Ways to Puppy Proof

Hide small, everyday objects

Everyday items like coins, paper clips, rubber bands, buttons, and batteries can all cause problems when swallowed or chewed by our pets. Small items often present huge risks. If you love painting or working on paper crafts, make sure that all of your painting materials are kept in a safe area after work hours.

Get rid of toxic substances

From glue and detergents to household cleaners and automotive chemicals, most households are bound to have toxic chemicals that need to be kept away from pets. Take extra care when dealing with antifreeze, rat poison, and other poisonous substances.

Contain the cords

Protect your new pet from accidental burns and shock from electrical cords. Use sturdy cord covers. Hiding these cords can indeed be difficult! If possible, use deterrent sprays on power cables, chargers, and electric cords. That is why many pet parents supervise their pets all the time when not contained in a pen or cage. If you have a puppy who loves chewing on things, provide lots of chew toys to keep her preoccupied.

Protect your pet from water hazards

Not all dogs can swim. Swimming pools, toilets, bathtubs, and sinks are potential drowning hazards. Dogs like golden retrievers love water, but you shouldn’t let them near any body of water alone. Moreover, never let your pet drink from random water containers. These may house parasites, chemicals, and other harmful elements you wouldn’t want her to ingest.

Easy Ways to Puppy Proof

Give your pets their own space

We all love spending time with our pets, but they also need their own personal space. Choose the most comfortable spot for them in your home to be their own safe space – a place for sleep and rest. This can be a pen, crate, or a fluffy spot in a corner of your room. Pets, especially dogs, are very curious in nature. As a pet parent, you should learn how to set limits. If you live in a small space, installing baby gates or pens can help keep them from getting into areas that you don’t want them to.

Lock up the compost piles and garbage cans

Any type of food dangerous for pets continues to be a threat even after being tossed in garbage cans. They become even more hazardous, too, once they become moldy. Cats are not known to rummage through trash cans, but dogs and other pets will do anytime. It’s worth investing in a trash can that prevents pets from knocking over and looting.

Puppy toys and gear are super cute but also expensive. Use our handy What You Really Need for a New Dog – Printable New Dog Checklist to make sure you only get what you need!

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