Appreciated Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Appreciated Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Both beginning and avid gardeners typically love garden-related products as gifts. Many of these items are things they probably wouldn’t purchase for themselves, which makes these items more appreciated. These are a few to consider.

New Garden Tools

Every gardener needs a set of tools to work with. Basic sets usually include a spade and small hand rake. But, some also include extras such as a hand-held weed puller.

Don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for quality garden tools. Inexpensive garden tool sets tend to break rather easily.


Putting a lot of work into a garden can take its toll on your hands. Buying the gift recipient a good pair of durable gloves is sure to keep his or her hands safe (and callas-free) while playing in the dirt.

Desktop Garden

These days, there are lots of smaller aeroponic systems, which fit on a desk and include everything needed to grow healthy flowers and herbs. Many of these sets even include their own light, along with a timer that regulates the amount of light the plants receive.

This is an ideal gift for a novice gardener, because tending to the plants inside one of these gardens is very simple.


No garden would even get started without seeds. If you’re looking for something other than basic seeds, try ordering them online or from a popular garden catalog. This gives you a much larger variety to choose from, including really interesting heirloom varieties.

Butterfly Puddler

A butterfly puddler is by no means a common gift. But, butterfly lovers will certainly appreciate it. Place it in the garden to attract butterflies. It makes a wonderful conversation piece as well.

Simply fill the middle with sand or rock salt and a bit of water. Once the water evaporates, butterflies are naturally attracted to the minerals left behind.

Garden Stool

If your friend has a large garden, it may be necessary to spend some time kneeling in the dirt to tend to the plants. With a garden stool, he or she typically won’t have to sit on the ground again.

These stools are generally padded for comfort, have wheels to help them roll alongside a row of plants and a storage compartment for garden tools and other supplies.

These are just a few appreciated gift ideas for the gardener in your life. Gardening is a wonderful hobby. So, why not do all you can to promote it? The gift recipient will thank you for it!

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