Apps that Get Kids Outside this Summer

Apps that Get Kids Outside this Summer

It’s important to learn ways to get the kids outside this summer. Our kids live in a world where technology rules them. While you may be great at balancing electronic time and outdoor time, it’s still great to learn about some apps that get kids outside. This will encourage your kids to enjoy the tech-savvy lifestyle they’re used to while getting exercise in the sunshine. Today I’m going to share a few apps that encourage kids to get outside.

Audubon Bird Guide

This free app is available for both iPhone and Android-based smartphones. This app helps your kids identify birds that live in your area. They can look up in trees and around the yard or perhaps on a nature trail for birds, reference the Audubon Bid Guide app and learn more about bird species.


There are so many geocaching apps for both iPhone and Android-based smartphones. The cool thing about this is that you can find treasure in your backyard. Pretend to be pirates on a hunt for treasure as you venture into your neighborhood to find hidden boxes of goodies.

Star Walk Kids 

This app costs money and is available for both iPhone and Android-based smartphones. This app is great for the nighttime hours when you’re settling down and the stars are overhead. This app will help your kids clearly mark constellations and planets seen in the night sky above.

Zombies Run

This app is the perfect way to get your older kids outside and running around. Think of this app as a real-life zombie chase where the screen plays music and lets your kids know if they’re safe from zombies. The key to surviving this app game is to run, walk and hide from zombies in your neighborhood.

Pokémon Go

While this app has lost the popularity it once had, it’s slowly coming back because of a new update. Kids will have fun using this app to capture Pokémon in their backyard. Go even further by walking around your community to find gyms where you compete to win more Pokémon for your Pokémon Go collection.

Wild Time

Lastly, if you don’t want the kids to bring their smartphone outside, you can download the Wild Time app to get clever ideas on what to do outside. This app gives the entire family some inspiration on what to do during your next outing together or for the kids to do alone.

There you have it, a few apps that get kids outside the summer. It’s a wonderful idea to combine technology with the great outdoors. This will encourage your kids to see the full potential of their smartphones, beyond social media and texting, while encouraging them to get some activity in during their summer break.


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