Dipped Marshmallow Sticks or Smores on a Stick Recipe

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Dipped Marshmallow Sticks or Smores on a Stick Recipe

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How many times have you heard your child coming home and saying they celebrated a Birthday at school with cupcakes? If you are looking for a change, give this a try – Dipped Marshmallow Sticks or Smores on a Stick when you add graham crackers.

It’s really easy and rather inexpensive too. I’ve even had people tell me they are not crafty and it was easy for them. Best part though, is the kids LOVE IT!

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Dipped Marshmallow Sticks or Smores on a Stick Recipe

Items Needed:
Almond Bark (Chocolate or Vanilla or both)
2 bags of Marshmallows
1 package small baggies (with ties) the generic ones are fine
1 package of bamboo skewers or lollipop sticks (I used skewers and cut off the pointed tips)
Toppings: Such as candy, sprinkles etc…
Wax Paper or graham crackers if you plan to do Smores on a Stick (See below)

Wash hands (very important! lol…)

1. Cut off all the tips to the bamboo skewers (because I was serving these to kindergarteners)

2. Have your child help put two marshmallows on each stick. Be sure to make extra for teachers/staff!

3. Lay out the wax paper so you can sit the prepared marshmallows on it to dry.

4. Break the Almond Bark into large chunks and microwave for about 1 minute. Test the consistency with a fork because it may be completely melted but will still hold it’s shape and not look melted until its moved. Microwave an additional 30 seconds until its melted. (this may take a couple of times but do it this way so it doesn’t burn) Also, do this separate for each flavor too.

4. While the Almond Bark is warm, dip the marshmallows in it and set it on the was paper. I allowed my child to be the one that decorated these with toppings before they set. (She loved that!)  You can also use the opposite color of almond bark to drizzle it over the first for a more elegant party too.

Note: You may need to re-warm the Almond Bark for an additional 30 seconds if you take too long in this set but DON’T ADD WATER to melt it. Yes! I am speaking from experience! It doesn’t work! Dipped Marshmallow Sticks or Smores on a Stick Recipe  and…  I’ve also tried adding color but that doesn’t work either…  Oh, me and my experiments!  My kids love me for this!  

Here’s another idea for a twist on this recipe:  Instead of letting them set on wax paper, let them set on a Graham Cracker and then you will have a “Smores on a Stick!”  I did this with the chocolate almond bark and it was also a BIG HIT with the kiddos!

5. Let the marshmallow sticks set about 30 minutes or longer until dried then wrap them in the baggies and tie the ends. I just used the green ties from the baggies but you can get really decorative here and add ribbon etc…

6. Lastly, I added them standing up to a basket I had for a beautiful presentation to the class!


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  1. jennifer on March 13, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Great, easy and kids love them. My 8 & 4 year old always get to sprinkle! Thanks for posting though – great idea for the bingo bake sale at school this week!!!