Emergency Resources for Small Businesses & Self-Employed

Lots of small businesses are hurting right now. Almost overnight, many went from profitable to almost out of business. Finding the resources they need now can help keep them going until this pandemic is over.

The cool part is, the government passed the CARES Act with some fantastic resources for self-employed and small business owners.

Here are the resources we could find to help find money to keep afloat. I am NOT an expert, I have just done quite a bit of research on the help my friends and family so I thought I would share what I found…

Emergency Resources for Small Businesses & Self-Employed

Self Employed Can Get Unemployment:

First off, for the first time ever self-employed and contractors can apply for unemployment. If you went from having an income to no income (or drastically reduced income) you need to start there. Normally unemployment is around $300 a week (well in FL) but with CARES Act individuals can get an extra $600 PER WEEK!!! 

You will need to find unemployment for your state (Google Unemployment + your state). 

It varies by state. In many states, your unemployment benefit is about half of your salary, although the amount vary and may be less than that amount. You receive benefits from the state in which you worked, and the payments are typically made weekly.

This can be a huge resource for those that are self-employed!

Small Business Administration Loans:

If you have employees (or contractors, you can apply for a Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Loan. They are offering low-interest loans that can be paid back over a long period of time. This also can include a $10,000 loan advancement that doesn’t have to be paid back!

Rumor has it you will get the $10,000 even if you aren’t approved. Definitely worth a shot!

CARES Act Payroll Protection Program:

The program allows small business owners to apply for low-interest loans through local banks to cover payroll and other monthly expeneses. Use this money to pay bills and keep employees and ALL OF THIS LOAN COULD BE FORGIVEN. Yes, the government may help you pay your bills for months!

Other Grants and Programs Available for Small Businesses:

  • * Season of Sharing Fund (Sarasota County, FL – Community Foundation of Sarasota County) – Funds go directly to nonprofits; to receive funds from Season of Sharing, individuals must be working with a case worker at a social service agency. United Way 2-1-1 assists potential clients in finding the appropriate agency.
  • *One Sioux Falls Fund (Sioux Falls, SD) – to help residents in the Sioux Falls MSA (Minnehaha, Lincoln, McCook and Turner counties) avoid evictions and financial hardships if they are unable to work due to COVID-19 and if they are unable to qualify for federal or state assistance. Nonprofits, the County and the City will coordinate to distribute the funds to make sure assistance gets into the right hands.
  • ONE22 COVID-19 Financial Relief Awards (Teton, WY) – Need-based awards for anyone who lives or works in Teton County, WY, and has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants (Berkshire Taconic area, NY) – Small grants (generally around $500) to help those with overdue utilities, medical bills, short-term housing costs and transportation problems.
  • It Takes a Village Emergency Funds (Parenting Journey) – Stipend to ease financial burdens for Parenting Journey families.
  • Bartender Emergency Assistance Program
  • DoorDash COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program – Financial assistance for eligible Dashers that are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have been active on the DoorDash platform for at least 60 days and have completed at least 30 deliveries in the last 30 days.
  • *One Family, Los Angeles – A fund in development that will distribute grants directly to families in need in Los Angeles, CA; refer to the FAQ page for information about how to access these funds.
  • Real Change Vendor Relief Fund – Cash cards and gift cards to supplement reduced income for Real Change vendors.
  • *Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) Emergency Community Stabilization Fund – Will distribute mutual aid directly to Asian immigrants and refugees in areas where APEN works (Oakland & Richmond, CA).