Fun Activities for Indoor Play and Rainy Days…and Snow Days!!!

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Since a huge chunk of the country is stuck indoors because of snow, I thought I would share this again!

Fun Activities for Indoor Play

Kids seem to thrive on fresh air and open spaces, so when the weather outside is too hot, too cold or too wet to play outdoors, everyone feels the pain of being stuck inside. That’s why it’s so great to have some creative and fun activities for indoor play and rainy/snow days. These ideas use common household items, and are guaranteed to keep boredom at bay – at least for a little while!

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Obstacle Course
My kiddo had a TON of energy. On rainy days I would create an obstacle course for him to run in the house. We used a tunnel, chairs, pillows, and anything else we could find. I think we had as much fun building the course as he did running it!

Draw a City
Scrounge up that roll of butcher or craft paper and gather as many markers as you can find. Using a large sheet of paper, draw a city with roads, trees and houses. Then play together in your homemade landscape using dollhouse dolls or matchbox style cars.

Host a Fashion Show
Pull those old formal gowns out of the back of your closet, and raid the jewelry box for costume bling. Round up scarves, hats and sunglasses to complete the look. If you’re really adventurous, do hair and makeup too. Create prizes for the best dressed, most creative, and wackiest outfits! You’ll be surprised how fast the afternoon will fly by for your little supermodels.

Create a Glow-In The Dark Bubble Bath
Bath time is a fun way to relax and play in the bubbles, but you can make it even more fun when you drop a few kid-safe glow sticks in the bath water and dim the lights. Your little superhero will light up at the novelty of it all, and as a bonus she’ll come out squeaky clean! Glow sticks can be purchased inexpensively at most dollar stores. Make sure to stock up so you have some on hand for your next rainy day.

Build a Table Fort
When you’re a kid there’s nothing better than having your own cool place to kick back and relax. So the next time you’re stuck inside for an afternoon try your hand at building the best table fort ever. Stock the inside with pillows, blankets, their favorite toys and a flashlight or two. For even more fun, snuggle in with them to read together or even share a ‘cave’ picnic snack.

Hold a Movie Marathon
Long days inside are a great excuse to hold a movie marathon. All you need is a stack of classic flicks or that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch – or find something on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Set up a cozy seating area, put out some snacks and curl up for a day lost in another world.

Bake Something
Rainy days are made for quality time in the kitchen and there are so many things you can do together. Create a homemade pizza, bake cookies, make fruit sculptures, or even share a secret family recipe and make it together. You’ll be passing on valuable life skills and even better memories, and keeping them busy too!

So the next time bad weather keeps you (and the kids) stuck inside, don’t be sad. Break out this list of fun activities for indoor play and rainy days and make the best of it. You might be surprised at just how fun being stuck inside can be.


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