Fun Ideas and Crafts with Plastic Eggs

plastic eggs in bulk

If you end up with a lot of plastic eggs laying around after Easter, there are a lot of really cute craft projects that you can do with them!

marshmallow easter eggs
Marshmallow Easter Eggs

When most people think of marshmallows, they think of the store bought bags of marshmallows that you use for s’mores or hot cocoa, but homemade marshmallows are so much better than the super sweet marshmallows you get in the grocery store.

upcycled plastic egg acorn ornament craft
Upcycled Plastic Egg Acorn Ornament Craft

We have a fun craft idea to share with you today! It combines two of our favorites types of crafting: upcycling and Fall. We’re transforming some old plastic Easter eggs into pretty, decorative acorn ornaments for Autumn.

diy easter egg maracas


Easter egg maracas are a fun DIY instrument for toddler and preschoolers. These easy DIY maracas are simple to make using plastic eggs and plastic spoons.

yarn wrapped buffalo check easter eggs
Yarn Wrapped Buffalo Check Easter Eggs

These easy Buffalo check Easter eggs are quick to make and there are so many ways to customize them. Use them as tiered tray additions, dough bowl fillers, or tuck them into wreaths or book case displays.

diy washi tape easter eggs
DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs

My mom loves washi tape. She has done so many cute projects with them since her love affair began. Her most recent project was washi tape Easter eggs.

twine wrapped easter eggs
Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs

You know we love a good upcycling craft and this latest DIY is another way of using and reusing what you already have. We’ll show you how to turn some plastic Easter eggs into decorative twine wrapped eggs with pretty metallic painted accents to style for Easter.

easter egg tree easy outdoor easter decor

Plastic Easter eggs aren’t just for Easter baskets or an Easter egg hunt! We have a bit of a fun Easter tradition at our home! For the past few years, my daughter and I have created an Easter egg tree outside our home.

ruffled fabric easter eggs
Ruffled Fabric Easter Eggs

I have a fabulously easy Easter craft for you today! With just a few fabric scraps and some hot glue you can make these Ruffled Fabric Easter eggs. They are perfect for display and will add color and texture to your Easter decor.

plastic egg easter time tables practice

With our Easter Egg hunt over we are left with plastic eggs – I could be really Frugal and save them for next year but we’ve got homework to do over the Easter Break and with my eldest it’s our first foray into Times Tables.

fun diy bath bomb science experiment
Fun DIY Bath Bomb Science Experiment

Bath bombs are an easy way to make bath time extra fun no matter how old you are, but did you know there is much to be learned from a bath bomb? Today we are going to dive into the science behind homemade bath bombs with a DIY bath bomb science experiment.

easter egg popsicles
Easter Egg Popsicles

This fun Easter egg smoothie popsicle recipe is a quick way to add a little colorful fun to your holiday. Made of only fruit and coconut milk, you can totally be the fun mom with these treats and serve these Easter egg popsicles with breakfast! These treats are healthy, cute and a simple way to surprise your kids.

homemade easter egg topiary
Homemade Easter Egg Topiary

I can’t believe I created an Easter Egg Topiary for under $10! This easy craft is my new obsession because it’s so pretty. When I see a Topiary in stores, they are usually overpriced and not very beautiful to me, but this one really stands out from the rest at such a cheap cost.

rice krispies easter eggs your kids will love to make
Rice Krispies Easter Eggs Your Kids Will Love to Make

Our Rice Krispies Easter eggs are a delicious treat for the holiday. Simple enough for kids to make and perfect for for classroom parties. Click through for the recipe and quick tips to make it easy.

easter egg letter matching game

This would work great with a supply of 26 eggs so you can do the entire alphabet. I only had 18 but luckily for me the kids didn’t notice. Write a letter on each egg with the permanent marker. You will want to make sure that your write it in such a way that when taken apart a kid can figure out how to put it together again.

easter wreath with colorful yarn wrapped eggs that’s perfect for spring

This DIY Spring Easter wreath is so inexpensive and easy to make! All it takes is just some yarn-wrapped plastic Easter eggs, faux grass, and lots of hot glue. It’s the perfect colorful addition on any front door to welcome spring!

counting by 10's game

I used similar sized eggs for this game. I picked the sides that were more flat since it would be easier to write the numbers on them. I managed to find an egg that had a side with two holes in it, which were perfect for some cute antennae.

diy easter wreath with upcycled plastic eggs
DIY Easter Wreath with Upcycled Plastic Eggs

Are you like me and have accumulated dozens of plastic Easter eggs from seasons past? If so, you can create your own pretty DIY Easter wreath by upcycling those plastic eggs into chalky painted decorative eggs. It’s the perfect bird’s nest inspired decor to celebrate Easter and welcome spring!



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