Getting Married? Wedding Registry Items to Get and What to Skip

Wedding Registry Items to Get and Skip

When my hubby and I got married 20+ years ago, we registered at two places – Dillard’s and Target. Target was definitely a lot more fun. If you are getting married, Target is a great place to register!

Back then, they gave us a scanner that we took all over the store scanning the items we wanted…so much fun! Now a days it is little more efficient. You register online, which kind of rocks because you can compare items and read reviews. So you can make intelligent picks rather than running around like crazy people scanning everything in the store. (Yes, we were young 20 year old’s getting married. We went nuts lol.)

Another great option is to register at Amazon. There are quite a few perks with them. Not only do they have EVERYTHING, you get free 2 day shipping on all purchases (well your buyers do). You also get 20% off any items that AREN’T purchased before the wedding – the leftovers on your list. Plus you get easy returns as well.

They also have bonus gifts for select gift registry items. Basically your guests buy you a gift and you get something else for FREE!

Wedding Registry + List of Must Haves and Items to Skip!

Suggestions of what to register for and what to skip…

Must Haves/ Wants…

Everyday Dishes
As set of everyday dishes are a must have. They are called everyday for a reason…you use them EVERYDAY. Getting a good set is an awesome start to any kitchen!

For everyday dinnerware, six to eight place settings is a good number. As you’ll be using these often, you’ll have plenty of dishes to use while some are in the dishwasher.

Keep in mind when buying that a a three-piece place setting consists of dinner plate, cup, and saucer. A four-piece setting contains dinner plate, cup, saucer, and salad plate. A five-piece place setting includes dinner plate, cup, saucer, salad plate, and bread-and-butter plate or soup bowl. Sometimes it is better to buy the larger sets if you need bowls too!

Everyday Glasses
Another item you will use everyday. You can buy glasses solo, or in sets. Sets typically come with 4-16 glasses. Make sure to have enough for guests too!

Wine Glasses (if you drink wine)
Generally, if you have a wide range of wines in your cellar, you should have a set of six or eight standard red wine glasses and an equal number of standard white wine glasses.

Mixing Bowls
A mixing bowl is a deep bowl that is particularly well suited for mixing ingredients together in. These come in many materials, such as stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and plastic.

Cutting Board

Measuring Cups

Knife Block Set

Instant Pot
Normally people recommend a Crock Pot, I used to as well. With the invention of the Instant Pot I would just get one of those. These amazing machines do it all!

The small kitchen appliance is a versatile multi-cooker that can do the job of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more. It also saves you counter space and money.

Toaster or Toaster Oven
Yet another that is tricky. The traditional gift is a toaster but with the invention cool tools like the Air Fryer you really don’t need JUST a toaster anymore.

Get one set for each bed in the house – don’t forget any pull out sofas you have!

Vacuum Cleaner

Coffee Maker (if you drink coffee)

The basic rule of thumb is to have three sets of towels each (6 total): one hanging in the bathroom, one in the linen closet and one in the laundry. A set consists of a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. It’s popular to monogram your towels and to mix and match color sets.


Cooking Utensils

Serving Platters – I use mine all the time!

KitchenAid mixer – They are expensive but never hurts to try and register for it!

Of course you don’t NEED a KitchenAid, if you are new to cooking get a smaller more inexpensive one!



Will you actually use? Possible things to skip

Fine China – mine is still in a box. Only used it twice in 18 years! I use my everyday china a LOT.
Stemware – we sometimes use ours. Still not worth the money. You can get nice glasses a WHOLE lot less.

Anything else you can add to our list?

wedding registry dos and donts

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