Save Money By Making Donuts at Home!

Making your own donuts is a fun and delicious way to spend a weekend morning. Plus, you can customize them any way you want!

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So whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or something chocolatey, we’ve got you covered with a bunch of fun recipes to try!

out of this world galaxy donuts

Out of This World Galaxy Donuts

These cosmic treats are an out of this world experience for your taste buds. Best of all, they’re delicious and fairly simple to make. Keep reading below for the recipe!

affordable & easy cinnamon sugar air fryer donuts

Affordable and Easy Cinnamon Sugar Air Fryer Donuts

Did your mom make cinnamon sugar donuts when you were little? We had a deep fryer that we kept on hand for special treats and these biscuit donuts were a popular weekend request by myself and my sisters. My husband loved them too growing up, and we discovered there’s a new way to make them for our younger generation right in your air fryer.

mini coconut donuts recipe

Mini Coconut Donuts Recipe

These Mini Coconut Donuts are perfect bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth treats. Bake them in the Brentwood Donut Maker or in the oven. When you’re looking for a fun breakfast treat that’s great for kids of all ages, you can’t beat a mini donut maker. It’s fun for the entire family and great for special occasions.


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baked buttermilk donuts


Oh, these are so good! Simple and delicious, that is what I like. This Baked Buttermilk Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar recipe is simple enough to make any morning of the week.

peanut butter & jelly donuts

Peanut Butter & Jelly Donuts

Warm melty peanut butter and sweet raspberry jelly stuffed inside a soft and delicate glazed donut, these peanut butter & jelly donuts are so addictively delicious that no one will be able to resist!

cinnamon donuts

Cinnamon Donuts

sticky orange olive oil baked donuts

Sticky Orange Olive Oil Baked Donuts

Light, fluffy and incredibly moist, these Orange Olive Oil Baked Donuts are a real taste sensation. The pungent, fruity oil balances perfectly with the orange & the sticky glaze finishes them off perfectly!

air fryer fruity pebble donuts


These air fryer fruity pebble donuts are made with just a handful of ingredients in under 20 minutes! The kiddos are going to love these and so will the adults. Enjoy this with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk for the ultimate breakfast. 

easy cake mix donuts

Easy Cake Mix Donuts

Making donuts at home just got easier with this quick and easy cake mix donut recipe. This recipe is perfect for beginners, and you can make them any flavor you want!

starburst jellybean doughnuts teacher gift

Starburst® Jellybean Doughnuts + Teacher Gift

Easter is right around the corner. We don’t have Spring Break until the first week of April, so I thought that my kids’ teachers could use a fun little gift to get them through the next few weeks. So after seeing all the Easter candy at Walmart I decided to make them some jellybean doughnuts with the delicious Starburst® Strawberry jellybeans.

how to make donut holes in a cake pop maker

How to Make Donut Holes in a Cake Pop Maker

Donut holes, traditionally the dough that comes from the center of the donut, have become such a popular confection that donut shops have dedicated special cutters to recreate the treat into a slightly larger, but still bite-size snack. They come in any and all flavors that you would see the donut adorned in, including fillings, glazes, chocolate and sprinkles.

air fryer cereal donuts

Air Fryer Cereal Donuts

Who doesn’t love a good donut? I know it is one of our favorite things over here. Whether it be our Apple Cider Donuts, our Peppermint Mocha Donuts, or these fun Air Fryer Cereal Donuts everyone is always excited when it is homemade donut day.

unicorn donuts

Adorably Delicious Unicorn Donuts Recipe

baked peanut butter bacon donuts

Baked Peanut Butter Bacon Donuts

It’s my favorite time of the month again! The Peanut Bash Bash is here again and I brought for you some baked peanut butter bacon donuts. The secret ingredient was.. bacon! It was a hard pairing to put into a dessert recipe, but I did it. Thanks to my girl, Amanda for the recipe idea. She wanted to get real crazy with it and fry some donuts in bacon grease. Relax, it didn’t happen. I chose to bake them and add the bacon drippings inside of them.

rainbow donuts (just 5 ingredients!)


These Easy Rainbow Donuts may just be one of the best breakfast treats ever! Made with lots of fun colors, kids and grownups alike will love these baked mini donuts. And the best part is that they’re cake mix donuts, meaning they’re super simple to make too!

honey glazed doughnuts

Honey Glazed Doughnuts

You don’t need to go through a drive-thru to enjoy this classic dessert, you can make it at home and have it taste WAY BETTER than any store-bought honey-glazed donut. You guys… these are so good. I am glad that they take nearly three hours to make AND freeze well.. otherwise I would have to install a treadmill at my mixer. The doughnut itself isn’t super sweet – which works so well with this glaze.

frosted strawberry donuts


These soft, cake-like Strawberry Frosted Donuts feature fresh strawberries and a delicious fresh strawberry glaze frosting. Pretty enough for company and the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

mini donuts (baked)


These mini donuts are made with a simple vanilla cinnamon cake-like batter and tossed in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. These are so cute and so fun to make!

robin’s egg easter donuts


Our robin’s egg Easter donuts are super special. These vanilla baked donutsare made in cozy hot oven, not deep-fried in fat. For a festive spring look, they boast a luscious, speckled-blue “robin’s egg” buttercream frosting.

rainbow donut recipe


If you love homemade donuts, you’ll absolutely love this quick and easy rainbow donut recipe! Baked donuts are a much healthier option than their fried siblings, and these bakery-style donuts are super scrumptious! They’re perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday brunch, and any time you want a taste of the rainbow. So pull out your apron and let me show you how simple it is to make a batch of these tasty colorful treats for you and your family.

baked funfetti donuts

Baked funfetti donuts

These baked funfetti donuts are perfect for breakfast, dessert, or any birthday bash! With a moist, cake light texture, lots of real vanilla flavor, and TONS of rainbow sprinkles, they’re sure to be the star of any celebration!

mini chocolate cake mix donuts with mint oreos


These delicious mini chocolate covered cake mix donuts are baked instead of fried, making them a much healthier option for a sweet treat. Donuts made with cake mix are not only incredibly easy but moist and delicious every time. This mini chocolate cake mix donut recipe is easily customizable with different toppings and one you keep for years to come!

strawberry powdered sugar doughnuts


In the “doughnuts” versus “donuts” debate, I fall squarely on the “doughnut” side of the fence. I thought I’d get that bit of information out of the way up front. It’s harder to type “doughnut,” though, so I did briefly consider ditching it for ease of writing this post. I would imagine that most people don’t care how you spell doughnuts, but they DO care about eating them! These Strawberry Powdered Sugar Doughnuts are a twist on a classic, and a great way to start your day!

red velvet donuts


These mouth-watering red velvet donuts are so easy to make you’ll hardly believe it. All you’ll need is red velvet cake mix, ripe bananas, and some cream cheese frosting!

gingerbread baked donuts


Gingerbread Baked Donuts combine two of my favorite things – gingerbread and donuts – in one delicious, sugar-dusted little package. These donuts make a great holiday breakfast! They are easy to make and don’t take very much time to prep and bake. So you can be in and out of the kitchen in no time.

the best glazed lemon strawberry donuts recipe

The Best Glazed Lemon Strawberry Donuts Recipe

Lemon Strawberry Donuts are one of a kind! These donuts are low in Weight Watchers points and have the perfect amount of strawberry flavor. It is topped with a lemon glaze, which gives them a refreshing taste that will make you want to eat more than one!

animal circus cookie donuts


I meant to post these last Friday, but the first time I made them, the donuts blew up to over twice their size and looked like a failed science experiment cross between a cupcake and a donut. So instead of remaking them, I turned off the oven, threw the monster donuts in the trash, sat on the couch and watched a movie. Speaking of which, anyone else binge watching HBO because they subscribed to HBO Now just for GOT? Any HBO movie recommendations?

vanilla frosted donuts (baked not fried)


Vanilla Frosted Donuts are deliciously light soft buttery cake donuts that are baked instead of fried and frosted with a sweet and creamy vanilla frosting. These Baked Vanilla Frosted Donuts make a wonderful sweet breakfast treat. There is no better way to start the day than with these sweet frosted donuts.

sourdough donut recipe

Sourdough Donut Recipe

This sourdough donut recipe produces light yet chewy donuts with an incredible browned butter frosting!

toasted coconut donuts

Toasted Coconut Donuts

These soft coconut cake donuts topped with a sweet coconut glaze and finished with toasted coconut are packed with coconut flavor for a fun, tropical breakfast!


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