How to Fake a Clean House

fake clean house

How to Fake a Clean House

It never fails that someone wants to “stop by” and my house is messy. We live here, it happens.

I started joking with my family…

i require a 48 hour notice if expect a clean house when you drop by.

Then again, sometimes people stop by that aren’t family and you want to impress them. Having a clean house ALL the time can be pretty much impossible. So if you get caught off guard here’s our tips and tricks on How to Fake a Clean House…

family cleaning house
  • Clean the main rooms only. If you are having guests over and don’t have time to clean the entire house, don’t fret. Think about the rooms that they’ll be exposed to and make those rooms your priority. Pick up the main living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom and be happy with those results. Your guests will see how clean those areas of your home are and just assume that the rest is just as clean, too.
  • Empty out one room and stuff the contents somewhere else. Finding the time to declutter can be hard. The next time you need to clean and clear a room quickly, simply declutter the contents and stuff them into another room. Then, shut the door and walk away. The room that you needed to be clean will be and you can always worry about the other rooms later when you have a bit more time.
  • Use those cabinets and dishwasher to your advantage. We’ve all probably had those moments in our life when someone calls and says that they are “stopping by” for a quick visit and they’re knocking on the door before even being able to get off the phone. In times like those, use the open areas around you. Dirty dishes can go in the dishwasher and anything else can be stacked and stored in cabinets until your guests leave. The key is to place and hide quickly before they enter your home.



  • Make your house smell good. If your home is basically picked up but could use a good vacuum or sweeping, divert their attention by making your house smell good. Have a great smell great guests the moment that they walk through the door will immediately make them feel as if they’ve entered a home that is clean and fresh. Light candles, use your essential oil diffuser or anything else that you can think of that will provide a good smell is the perfect way of faking a clean home.
  • Vacuum or sweep the entryway. So many times we may have guests that just pop in and say hello quickly or drop something off and leave without exploring any other area of your home. In times like this, do a quick detailed clean of the entryway only. Sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting a small area can give the impression that the rest of your home follows as well. Even if your home isn’t clean, your guests will think that it is.
  • Clean the toilet and sink only with cleaner. The key to making your bathroom look “clean” is to clean the main traffic areas with a scented cleaner. More than likely, you’ve probably walked into a freshly cleaned bathroom and just “smelled” the clean. When you don’t have time for the mirrors, the shower, and everything else small that needs a good scrubbing, use your time wisely and clean the toilet and sink. Those two areas are the main focal points anyway and the smell from the cleaners will make it seem as if the whole bathroom has been cleaned.

When time isn’t on your side and faking a clean house is your only option, try these “hacks” above to make it happen. The truth is that it may be more work for you, in the long run, to clean up the “cleaning” that you did earlier, but if you succeed in giving the impression that your house is always clean to your guests, it’s totally worth it.

Remember that faking a clean house still takes a bit of time and effort so do your best to fake clean your home the most efficient way possible.

fake a clean house

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