How to Haggle – Walk Away!

I get asked a lot “how do you haggle”?  I have one simple rule to haggling – walk away!  Whenever I am negotiating I find the easiest way to do so is to simply walk away when the price isn’t right.  If they really want to deal they will come after you.  Of course this won’t work in most retail environments, but in person to person negotiations it works quite well.

For example, we were in Cozumel a few years ago and I found something I wanted.  The initial price was ridiculous so I walked away.  He followed me and came down about 25%, still too high, I walked away.  Now 40% off, still too high, I walked away.  After 20 minutes I got it 70% off what he was originally asking, the price I wanted it for.

This will work in many situations and is the simplest way to haggle.  I find this incredibly invaluable when buying cars too.  Just walk away and I bet the car salesman will come after you.  Know the price you are willing to pay and stick with it…you won’t regret it!


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  1. The best way to haggle is to be educated and speak with someone who actually has the authority to override prices. Know the store’s policies and know the other sale prices. I purchased a new tv last year from a major chain store.

    The best part? They not only beat the other store’s price but the store I purchased it from is known for technology while the other store was a department store. When you read the fine print of each protection plan, I not only got the best price, but I also got the best protection.

  2. hmm i’m hoping this will work for my cable bill lol. I have it set to auto-pay and didnt realize the bill “didnt go through” until I checked my mail today — they charged me over $150 dollars in fees saying it didn’t go through, even though when I check my bank it said I had thousands in my account that day, and the weeks around that day. Plus, how can you be charged $150 in fees when your bill isn’t even $100? So, tomorrow I will call and see what they say, if they don’t remove the fees I will say “please cancel my account then” and I hope that they would rather remove the fees then lose me as a monthly customer!

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