How to Spot Spam Phishing Emails

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We shared with you last week ways to protect yourself online and one was watching for spamming emails. Of course at the time I didn’t have a good example lol. I just received a good one so I thought I would point out what to watch for.

Here is some tips for How to Spot Spam Phishing Emails!

Let’s start at the top – it says Bank of America but the title of the email is “Update your details with Wells Fargo today”. Also notice the Wells Fargo at the bottom. They don’t match so that is a surefire tip that this is spam. You can bet money Bank of America isn’t going to send out emails with Wells Fargo in it.

Funny thing is I have both accounts with makes this email especially creepy!

Notice the email address in yellow at the top is NOT Bank of America – Bank of America <[email protected]>. Yes that is a Deutschland email address. BOA would never use foreign email for US customer.

“Esteemed Customers” – most reputable banks will use your name, not something generic and not a salutation that is not common in the US.

Noticed the clickable link. NEVER CLICK A LINK IN A EMAIL LIKE THIS. This is what they are trying to get. They want you to click that link which will take you to a page that probably looks pretty close to your bank website. Once you try to log in – they have your log in information (INCLUDING PASSWORD) and full access to your bank account!

Also if you hover over the link you will see it is super spammy! It is just a good idea to never click links in emails. Instead go directly to their website and log in there.

If in doubt – call. Never just start clicking!

How to Spot Spam Phishing Emails

Hope these tips help keep you protected!

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