How To Start A Garden For Beginners


Start a Garden

Gardening season is in full swing this year, and if you’ve never planted a garden before you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the options! Should you container garden or not? Should you buy potting soil or potting mix? These tips are to help you get a better understanding of gardening as a whole and you’ll feel a lot more confident in your new gardening adventure!

Decide whether to container garden, or not.
If you are planning on having a container garden versus a garden in a bed, you need to read up on the specifics of which one you’re planning to do. You might not think it makes a difference, but it does! The soil is different, the watering is different, and for non container gardens – you can’t change the amount of sun they get so planning a location is especially important. Do some reading on both types of gardens and decide which will be right for you before you purchase anything.

Figure out what climate you live in and what plants grow best there!
This is a huge part of starting a garden. Knowing what kind of sun your plants will need is essential for their success: too little or too much and you could lose out on some plants! If you live in a desert climate, providing enough water and shade is very important. If you live in a cold climate, making sure you wait until the snow season is over to plant is important (unless you container garden)!

Take advantage of sales and freebies.
You might not think people would give plants away for free, but there are lots of people who are willing to share clippings and seeds if they have extras. You can search local garden groups on Facebook, Instagram, and meet up with likeminded gardeners who are willing to share! Additionally, places like Home Depot have sales on gardening supplies from time to time so be sure to watch out for those! Sales and freebies will help you start a garden at a minimal cost!

Lots of reading!
Figure out what type of gardening you want to do and research which soils and/or pots you want to use! Researching your garden needs is essential to it’s success. It’s also important to read up on each plant that you grow to find out their individual needs. A quick Google or Pinterest search and you’re sure to find some tips on each!

Don’t get discouraged!
If one of your plants dies, you suffer a bigger loss, or just find that it isn’t working out – don’t get discouraged. Sometimes plants that look completely wilted can grow tall again with some water and TLC! Just keep trying and find something that works for you and have fun!

What makes you want to start a garden? Let me know in the comments below!

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