Save on Snacks By Making a Snack Basket

snack bags with treats

My son is eight and he is constantly eating.  He also has friends over a LOT and they eat a LOT. I got sick of finding open packages of cereal, gold fish, chex mix, and other snacks all over the place. Single serve packaging is ridiculously expensive so I had to come up with another solution. Enter my snack basket!

I make little bags for his school lunch, why not make them for home? This dawned on me a few weeks ago so I spent about 20 minutes one day breaking down big bags into little bags and putting them in basket in the pantry. This has changed our world!

It takes only a few minutes to make the little bags and now my kiddo has snacks whenever he wants them (aka doesn’t have to ask me for them!!). I just do a little bit every few days. Basically when a bag is opened I try to go ahead and make smaller bags. This is also great for the big containers of snacks like animal crackers from Trader Joe’s!

The best part is, no more open packages and no more wasted food. We even reuse the bags a few times before recycling them since there is nothing but dry snacks. Such a simple idea, I keep wondering why I didn’t think of it earlier!



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