Make Your Roomba Last Longer!

Make Your Roomba Last Longer

Make Your Roomba Last Longer!

Roombas and other robotic vacuums are expensive. We bought ours refurbished a whopping 8 years ago and it is STILL running. With some maintenance and minor repairs you can get a lot more years out of your Roomba. Here’s the easy way to make your Roomba Last Longer last longer!

Reset or Replace the Battery:

When your Roomba’s battery starts to not last as long, reset and cycle the unit. This is done by removing the battery, holding down its power button for 5 to 15 seconds, reinstalling the battery and charging the Roomba until the power light is green again. After that, keep the Roomba charging for an additional 72 hours, without interruption. This should make your battery last a lot longer if you do this early enough.

When the Roomba will no longer hold a charge you can easily replace the battery. They are normally about $23 on Amazon. This is the most popular with the best reviews…

The first time you run your Roomba with a new battery you should run it until the battery is completely dead before you charge it. This will ensure you get the fullest charge. The trick is your Roomba is programmed to run an hour and return home so you need to hide or unplug the docking station so it can’t find home to charge. When you find it stopped in a room, press the power button to power it back up until it won’t start again. This way it will run until it is completely dead.

Once it’s fully dead, charge it up fully and start that process over again and do it a total of 2-3 times. After that, it lasts a long time and has way more charge (2x+) than it needs to clean.

Clean or Replace the Brushes:

The brushes can get clogged very easily….especially if you have pets! The easiest fix is to open the bottom and remove them. Clean off any hair (use scissors if necessary) and then replace them. Doing this every few times you run it will help it clean better and last longer

Sometimes they get to the point where they are too far gone. As always Amazon has a replacement.  They are about $13 and it includes two sets of brushes which should last years. I still have one set left from the last time we changed them!

Clean or Replace the Filter:

Did you know a Roomba has a filter? They do and they get clogged. Cleaning them is easy and should be done with every use. I got in the habit of doing it when I emptied the tray. Simply remove the filter from the tray and clean it. Pretty sure there is a proper way to clean them, but I just usually bang it on the side of the garbage can lol. When it comes time to replacing the Roomba filter, just pop in a new one!

If you need brushes and filters consider this kit that has everything!

Replacing a Belt:

When it quits turning at all, chances are it is the belt. This was by far the hardest replacement I did on our Roomba. It is REALLY hard to get the belt back on and you have the take the Roomba completely apart to do it. It can be done but it isn’t for everyone.

The belts are getting harder to find too and I think it is because they are so hard to replace. If you really want to replace it, search on eBay for your model and the word “belt” you might be able to find one. There are several You Tube videos out there on how to do it, but honestly I might just start looking for a new one!

Hope these tips help you make your Roomba last longer!

Make Your Roomba Last Longer

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