Recipes Using Easter Leftovers

Celebrate Easter all week with these creative recipes that use up your leftover holiday food. From traditional dishes to more unique ideas, these recipes are the perfect way to repurpose those extra eggs, candy, ham, and potatoes.


We always end up with a lot of leftovers after Easter so I am always looking for new ways to use them. Especially the candy!

Whether you’re looking for simple sides or fancy entrees, we’ve got you covered with a variety of recipes that will help turn your Easter leftovers into something special. So dust off that Easter basket and get ready to turn your post-holiday feast into delicious treats all week long!

Ham and Cheese Savory Breakfast Muffins

These easy savory breakfast muffins are fabulous when you’re on the go! Packed with leftover ham or turkey and cheese they have an amazing flavor and the perfect finger food in the morning. A great brunch biscuit when you’re having people over or for a busy day.

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

Whether for Easter brunch or your next office potluck, these easy Cadbury creme egg cupcakes are sure to leave everyone asking for more! These Easter cupcakes pair a rich chocolate cupcake base with a sweet Cadbury creme egg filling, all topped with a creamy vanilla buttercream frosting and a crisp, dark chocolate shell.

potato soup delicious

Ham And Potato Soup With Peas

If you are looking for the best potato soup recipe, then you are in the right place! This potato soup is creamy fully of tender bites of potato, vegetables and ham. My picky eater wants this recipe over and over, and is creamy and delicious with two thumbs up from the whole family. This is also a great recipe to use leftover ham from the holidays, or just whenever you want to feel cozy.

cheesy ham breakfast casserole98


This Cheesy Ham Breakfast Casserole with eggs and green onion is the perfect breakfast bake to make with leftover ham! Hearty and delicious!


This Mini Ham Cheddar Quiche recipe is so easy to make and sure to be a hit on your brunch or breakfast table.  All you need is ham, cheese, eggs, dijon mustard, heavy cream and flaky phyllo cups.


This salad is not like most American potato salads. The Bramborový Salát is very rich in flavor and not over bearing with mustard.

Potato Pancakes With Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Potato Pancakes with Leftover Mashed Potatoes is the perfect dish to make when your fridge is full of leftover mashed potatoes. A quick and easy way to put a fun twist on standard mashed potatoes.


This easy recipe also uses up leftover mascarpone cheese. Although you can use cream cheese instead (as the original recipe did). I just find mascarpone cheese a little smoother and less tangy than cream cheese; it’s my favorite creamy cheese!

easter cream egg fudge recipe.jpg


This easy Easter Creme Egg Fudge is quick and delicious. It has both Cadbury Easter Creme eggs AND Cadbury mini eggs for the ultimate Easter egg party in your mouth! And it’s the perfect bake sale fudge. Making it in the microwave is faster and easier and there’s no fussing with a candy thermometer!


If your house is anything like mine around Easter weekend, you end up with so much chocolate that you kind of get sick of the sight of it, right?
You could melt it all down and make my no bake Easter fridge cake which I totally recommend, but I also have another way of making a dent in that choccy stash that maybe even your kids would approve of…make cookies!


Welcome to another week dedicated to another theme or type of food. This week is Easter Week. Easter is just round the corner so I’m going to spend this week providing you with all the Easter treat recipes you will need this year!

stuffed sweet potatoes 5.jpg


Combine your leftover ham with spinach and cheese to make delicious gluten-free stuffed sweet potatoes that the whole family will love!


If you loved my Homemade Beef Pot Pie recipe, you have to try this one too! Ham Pot Pie Recipe is a fantastic make-ahead recipe with a rich filling of tender potatoes, gooey cheddar, and ham. Add in your favorite vegetables like corn, carrots, or broccoli to taste and this is a yummy way to use leftover ham!


Hard Boiled Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies are the most delicious way to use leftover hard boiled eggs. And no one will ever know because these cookies are soft and fluffy and perfect. In fact, this might even become your new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

chix cord bleu lasagna main


This Chicken Cordon Bleu White Lasagna will be the most amazingly flavorful lasagna that you will ever taste. This recipe includes several tips to cut down on the prep time as well.

Spicy Garden Carrot Hummus

A zesty dip or spread to pack in the veggies! Spicy garden carrot hummus is gluten-free & vegan without the oil. A healthy seasonal take to use your garden’s fresh carrots and herbs in a crowd-pleasing favorite recipe!

Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Kabobs

Get your cookout game on point with these incredible Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Kabobs! Made with savory, delicious ham, fresh pineapple and veggies, these simple ham and pineapple skewers will be your new favorite summer grilling recipe!

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Crescent Bake

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Crescent Bake is breakfast for the whole family! The breakfast casserole has all the breakfast staples—eggs, cheese and ham. Here’s a breakfast egg casserole that won’t leave your kitchen trash can overflowing with dirty dishes. This breakfast casserole recipe features easy clean up, since most of the ingredients are layered in a single baking dish.

Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake

Easter cheesecake never looked so sweet! This easy, no bake creme egg cheesecake features a crisp graham cracker crust, a creamy chocolate and sweetened condensed milk cheesecake filling all topped with oodles of creme eggs.

easter blondies one

Easter Blondies with M&M’s and Marshmallows

Easter blondies are pretty much the same exact recipe as the easy blondie recipe we all know and love. The only difference is that you add marshmallows and Easter M&M’s to this recipe to make them extra festive! And what better reason to make these than to be able to use up that leftover Easter candy!


Ham Salad Tortilla Pinwheels are fun party appetizers that are family-friendly and make delicious finger food for a party, picnic, or lunch!
Burrito Sized Tortillas are filled with ham salad made with ham, cream cheese, celery, mayo, mustard, relish, and more, for a make-ahead, budget-friendly party appetizer!


Homemade creamy pot pie soup is an easy recipe that is tasty with any savory protein filling like chicken, turkey, beef, or a vegetarian option. This is comfort food in a bowl that is a wonderful weeknight meal or hearty lunch. Pot pie soup is also a great way to enjoy leftovers in a fresh and delicious way.  From scratch cooking sure beats any frozen pot pie or any, you can get to-go like KFC or Marie Callendar’s.

Sriracha Keto Deviled Eggs Recipe

You’ll love this keto deviled eggs recipe if you’re a fan of spicy deviled eggs. These sriracha low-carb deviled eggs make a great appetizer for parties or potlucks.


Ham And Cheese Soup without potato is an easy one pot meal that makes a quick weeknight dinner. Great way to use up leftover ham from Easter and Christmas!

Ham and Cheese Frittata

This ham and cheese frittata is an absolutely delicious and healthy breakfast, made in a skillet with just a handful of simple, whole ingredients and extra vegetables. Make it for your family or weekend brunch!

Southern White Acre Peas w/ Ham

This recreates the taste and textures I remember well from my childhood. The original recipe made for an extended cooking time in a conventional pot on top of the stove, but it’s no problem at all with the pressure cooker. Rinse your peas and pull out any bad ones. You only want the pretty peas

Hot Cross Buns Bread Pudding

Hot Cross Buns Bread Pudding – the perfect solution to Easter Leftovers!  So good, though, you’ll want to buy extra Hot Cross Buns just make this delicious bread pudding!  An easy Easter Dessert that everyone loves!

Leftover Mashed Potato Patties

It’s almost here, it’s almost time for Thanksgiving! Even if we don’t host, ,we end up making a full spread over the holiday weekend. Mostly because we LOVE all the leftovers. I can’t deny it. The leftovers are half the awesome of the holiday foods! Plus, we all make way too much, so we all tend to have leftovers. Here’s a leftover mashed potato recipe that will leave your belly feeling full of comfort foods for just one more day…


Creamy ham and tomato penne is a perfect weeknight pasta recipe. Not only is this dish super creamy and full of flavour but, it’s fast and easy to make. In fact, you can have it on the table in the time it takes to boil the water and cook your pasta! Known as penne al baffo here in Italy, this is a great recipe to use up leftover holiday ham.

More fun recipes to try:

Recipes Using Easter Leftovers

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