Running on Empty? How to Refill your Energy Tank

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Running on Empty?  How to Refill your Energy Tank

Running on Empty?  Here’s How to Refill your Energy Tank

We’ve all heard that saying that “Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon”, but let’s speak the truth for a moment.  Some days, life absolutely feels like a sprint.  Balancing family, work, lessons, obligations and everything else that may get thrown at you on a daily basis, is exhausting.  Beyond exhausting.  As parents, we tend to put other needs in front of our own needs.  We ensure that our children get the nutrition that they need to fuel their minds and bodies and the rest that they need to be able to function and not melt-down.  That means that we often are putting ourselves, and our needs, on the back-burner of everyone else.

Think of our bodies like a car.  We have a tank, filled with energy that gets used up slowly as we go about our days.  Inevitably, that tank is going to be on empty.  Once that happens, it is up to us to find a way to Refill your Energy Tank.  Try using some of these ideas and tips to pump some energy back into your tank.

  1. Just say no.  No one is making you say yes to do everything for everyone.  It is okay to say no at times.  If you are beyond “empty” in your tank, just say no.  Save the need or want for another day, another time.
  2. Ask for help.  On the outside, you are cool, calm and collected.  To those who see you, all seems great.  If that isn’t the case, then ask someone for help.  Have a family member watch the kids for a few hours for some “you” time.  Don’t wait for people to offer their help.  Ask.
  3. Have an entire day celebrating you.  Yes, an entire 8 hour day revolving solely around whatever you want to do.  Catch a movie, take a nap, binge watch an entire season on Netflix….it’s your choice, your day.
  4. Eat foods that help with energy.  Up your almond intake or drink a cup of afternoon coffee to give that quick boost of energy to get through the day.  Now your limits though with this one because if you consume caffeine too late in the day, you may have a hard time falling asleep at night which will then make you even more tired the next day.
  5. Take a mid-day walk.  You may need to up your workout routine to get some more energy in your life.  If you are feeling drained and tired after eating lunch, put on those hiking shoes and get to walking out that door.  A walk can provide with a much-needed mental break as well as a nice boost of positive energy.
  6. Think positively.  An easy mind-frame change can cause an immediate boost in your energy outlook.  If you are feeling negative, then that feeling can result in draining your energy.  Thinking positively can result in happier thoughts, happier vibes and a more productive outcome of your day.
  7. Do something that you love.  If you love to read, read.  If you love to write, write.  Whatever makes your heart happy and your mind calm is a great way to fill your energy tank.  Finding your passion in life is a great motivation.
  8. Take deep breaths and count to ten.  Taking nice slow deep breaths can calm an anxious feeling of being drained and empty.  The nice think is that breathing and counting to ten to reduce that feeling can be down anywhere, at any time.
  9. Turn on some tunes.  Music has such a great energy to it.  When you need that boost, crank up the times to your favorite station or artist.  Sing along, dance along or just stop what you are doing to fully emerge in the moment.
  10. Write out what is draining your energy.  Sometimes just getting the thoughts out of your head and onto paper help in freeing up that real estate in your brain that will then calm you down, and allowing you to start fueling back up.  Write out what has happened during the day that is bringing you down, then reflect on how you can use that to build yourself back up.

It is normal to feel as though your energy tank may be empty.  With the fast-paced world we live it, it happens to people each and every day.  Take time to identify why you are feeling this way, and make a plan to fill back up.   The good thing is that even though our energy might be drained one day, the next day is a new day where we can start with our tank full.

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