The Best Foods to Buy in Bulk to Save You Money

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The Best Foods to Buy in Bulk to Save You Money

Buying food in bulk is a real money saver. It’s an appropriate option, regardless of family size. As long as you have adequate freezer and storage space, you’re good to go. These are some of the Best Foods to Buy in Bulk to Save You Money!


Oatmeal is a simple and versatile breakfast the whole family is sure to enjoy. Buy oats in bulk, store them in an air-tight container and serve them in place of boxed cereals. You can also use oatmeal as an ingredient in delicious desserts like apple crumble and no-bake cookies.


Onions don’t stay fresh as long as some other vegetables. But, that doesn’t mean you should avoid buying them in bulk. Chop up extras you know you won’t use right away (or process them in a food processor.) Freeze these extras in small quantities and thaw as needed. Farmer’s markets are fantastic for finding cheap onions!


Quality meats are typically expensive. So, it’s important to buy in bulk whenever you find a deal. You also save money by purchasing larger cuts of meat from either your local butcher or a farmer in the area. If you have limited freezer space, split the cost (and the meat) with a friend or family member.


Replacing small bottles of spice, each time you run out, can put a crimp on your food budget. Try this instead. Buy spices in bulk and refill smaller, easy-to-use containers with them. Not only do you save money, you’ll rarely need to include them on your shopping list because you have a larger supply.


Blocks of cheese can be considerably cheaper per pound than already prepped cheese. Shred it or slice it yourself to save a little extra. Also buying in bulk at stores like Costco can be even cheaper!


As long as it’s stored in a dry place, dry pasta lasts a long time… up to two years. Honestly, it’s a great item to have on hand. Use your favorite pasta to make a variety of dishes (requiring few ingredients) when you need an easy dinner option after a busy day.

Dried Beans

Buy them either in large containers at warehouse clubs, or bag them yourself at your local grocery store or food co-op. Consider lentils, peas, garbanzo beans, black beans and navy beans, among others.


White rice can last about a year; brown rice about six months. Store it in air-tight containers and use it until you need to replenish it.

These are some of the Best Foods to Buy in Bulk to Save You Money. Stored properly, all of these items last longer than you probably think while giving you really good food. Why not stock up today?

Best Foods to Buy in Bulk to Save You Money

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