Tips to Beat the Summertime Boredness

Tips to Beat the Summertime Boredness

Kids all over the world are jumping for joy in the fact that summertime is here. No more school, homework, or waking up to the beeping on an alarm clock alerting them that it’s time to mosey out of bed and start their day…just pure, simple, fun with no responsibilities. While it may be all fun and games in the beginning, there may come a point in time during the summer that your children may start to feel a bit of what is called “summertime boredness”. If you are worried about this creeping into your home this summer, here are some tips to help you fight off that worry.

Tips to Beat the Summertime Boredness

  • Find out what camps and activities are going on in your local community. Not only are there week-long camps that you can research for your child to attend, but there are also other day camp options as well. Check with the local library, churches, and family friends to see if they have heard of other summertime activities as well. The more options that you have for your child, the less chance you’ll take of them being bored over the summer.
  • Let them start a business that they’ve always wanted to. When it comes to letting your child do something that they want to do, starting their own business is a great way for them to have fun and make a bit of money as well. Dog walking, lemonade stand, and other chores is a great way for your child to battle those summertime blues. Ask them what they envision doing during the summer to earn a bit of money and let them have fun bringing it to life.
  • Ask relatives if your children can come and visit during the summer. If you have family members that live in different areas of the country, letting your child visit them and encounter the different ways that they live is a great way to keep your child active during the summer months. Visiting a relative on a farm, a ranch or even in a big city is certain to keep them occupied and engaged.
  • Purchase a membership to the pool. No child can deny the love of swimming in the summer. If your town offers a pool membership, take advantage of it. Your children will love knowing that they can go to the pool and hang out with their friends whenever they want. Not only that but its’ also a great way for them to get some exercise during those summer months as well.
  • Plan playdates in advance with their friends. Hanging out with their friends during the summer is probably the main reason that they are excited about summer break. While it may not be possible to do each and every day, make some plans with the parents to make certain that you all can get the kids together to hang out a couple of times per week. It’s something that they will look forward to and it’s a great way to have that interaction and socialization as well.
  • Ban the word “bored” from your house. If all else fails, simply let your children know that the word “bored” isn’t allowed to be spoken in your house over the summer. Encourage them to use their minds and imagination and play with the mounds of toys just sitting around. The more that you encourage them to play, they will.

When it comes to beating that summertime boredness, try a few of the suggestions above. While you don’t need to plan an activity for each and every day, try to find different things for your children to do and experience over the summer. Finding a good balance between socialization and independence is key for keeping those “bored” feelings at bay.

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