Waffle Iron Challenge: Attempt 4 Ice Cream Sandwich

Yes, you read that right, last night we made Ice Cream Sandwiches in a waffle maker. You have to try this recipe, they are REALLY good!

Sarah posted on the SwagGrabber Facebook page about this recipe on the Come Together Kids blog and I had to try it so I bought the ingredients last week. My boys heard about this last night and had to make them immediately, so please forgive the darker than normal photos it was pretty late at night when we did this.

In case you don’t know, I am doing a Waffle Maker Challenge to see how many items I can make in a waffle maker (or iron – whatever you call it). I won’t be doing this everyday but every few days. You can see the previous attempts here.


One chocolate cake mix
+ the ingredients to make it (eggs, oil, etc)
Ice Cream
– I used Edy’s Slow Churned and it worked great.


Preheat the waffle iron and spray a little non-stick spray on it. Then gather your ingredients. For this one it is really easy, all you need is a chocolate cake mix (including the items to make it) and vanilla ice cream. I used Edy’s Slow Churned and I am glad I did. It is really creamy and easy to scoop so it worked well when I was making the sandwiches.

Mix all of the ingredients in the cake mix. Next time (yes, we will be making these again!), we will add chocolate chips!

On the blog where I saw this she used a square waffle iron and I have a Belgium. Either one would work great for this. Although I kind of liked my little pie shaped sandwiches. Once you have the batter mixed and the waffle iron is preheated. Pour the proper amount into the waffle iron. Mine is 3/4 of a cup but you might want to check yours.

Mine beeps at me when they are done and this time I disagreed with the timer. I left it on for a little longer because I wanted them to be crispier than normal for this recipe. I believe I left mine in for about 3 minutes. But as always, you can open and check it.

Sorry there is no picture for the next step. The boys came running when they heard the beep and I had to keep them from eating the chocolate waffles….LOL. Next freeze the waffles for about an hour. I placed them on a plate, uncovered and it seem to work well. They should be almost frozen and no longer mushy.

Once they are frozen cut them into individual pieces. Spread some ice cream on half of them and proceed to make the sandwiches.

I put them back in the freezer for another 30 minutes and I think that was perfect.

This recipe was a winner in my house. The boys gobbled up the entire first batch in a matter of minutes. I am planning to make more and keep them in the freezer for snacks. A plastic container with a lid should work nicely for this.

Have an idea for something or know of something we can cook in a waffle iron – post a comment!


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