Ways to Save Extra With Kids Bowl Free

ways to save extra with kids bowl free

Kids Bowl Free is a fantastic program where kids get two free games of bowling every day during the summer. While the kids bowling is free, you still have to pay for adults and shoes which can really add up. We have been participating in the program for about five years now and have learned a few tricks. Here are some ways I have found to save using this program…

Sign up for emails
When you sign up to receive emails, you get notified when they run promotions on the Family Passes. Family passes allow up to four adults two free games every day. Normally the discount is about 17% off. That is the time to buy the pass. Also you can share this pass with family members so split it with siblings or other family members.

Watch for deals on bowling shoes
The average price to rent shoes is $4.50. That is PER person, so it can really add up quick. If you use this program a lot consider buying shoes. I found a pretty awesome deal where I got my son and I new shoes for only $35. We go a lot so ours paid for themselves the first year!

TIP – watch thrift stores, garage sales, and other places for shoes. It would be amazing to pick them up for a few dollars a pair!

Help support the bowling alley
These are small businesses normally. Usually family run. If you save money with this program consider giving back in other ways. Book birthday parties there, join leagues, tell your friends, or find some other help to help them out!

I like to let my kiddo earn some change to play in the arcade with 😉

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