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Don’t worry you are in the right place – SwagGrabber has gotten an UPGRADE!!!!

There is a lot of new fun functionality here as well as a brand new look!

Here is what you need to know…

There is now one login for the entire site. Yes, you can now log into the blog, forum, and webbychat using the registration link on the right side bar! This means you can establish an avatar and receive messages and stay logged in.

Registration is easy, simply sign up and then click on the confirmation link in the email.

Once you register make sure to set up your profile and get an Avatar! To do this click on “Profile” on the right side bar. It will take you to the control panel. Click on Avatar and select from the pool!

Also if you have a blog in The Blog Finder you can also update it where it shows you logged in on the right side bar. MAKE SURE TO USE THE SAME ADDRESS AS YOU ENTERED YOUR BLOG WITH OR YOU WON’T SEE YOUR BLOGS!

The only conflict is for moderators in webbychat. Logging into the site will give you a log into webby, we are still smoothing out the kinks on this. For now you will need to use your old webbychat log in to see your moderator status.

I did not bring over the old forums. There was over 5000 posts and 99% were out of date so I decided to start new. Another great feature is the most recent posts in the forums will now be shown on the right side bar!!!

There is one problem that we know of, you can not post in the forums using a Firefox browser right now. We are working to resolve this.

The old forums can still be seen at

The Coupon Database
The coupon database is here – feel free to use it!

The Blog Finder
This is the searchable blogger database I built for my other site The Blog Boat. You can search for blogs here! If you have a blog in it you can update it using the My Blogs link in the login box on the right side bar after you log in.

***Currently I am not allowing new blogs until we get the site stable!

This will be a complete list of resources for you as well as a Wiki. I am currently still working on this one.

These are now drop downs!!! The bottom menu under the logo is all the categories you can easily search for items using these drop downs. I am still categorizing the 5000+ posts that were brought over from the old Swag site so this make take a little while to get perfect.

I hope you like the new site. Like I said we are having some issues but they should be resolved soon. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you see any issues!

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