Free Stays for Medical Workers at OYO Hotels

Oyo Hotels are offering free stays for Medical Workers. OYO Hotels & Homes is opening the doors to its hotels and offering free stays to doctors, nurses and other medical first responders who are helping in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Beginning March 24, medical first responders will receive free accommodations at any OYO Hotel in the United States so they can sleep, shower or just get off their feet and recharge.

How it works:  

  • Those  on  the  front  lines  in  the  medical  community  should  call  (+1) 628-213-7020 (code:OYO4FIRSTRESPONDERS) to get their reservation for the nearest OYO.
  • With your valid active First Responder identification, OYO Hotels will cover all the costs.

You can find OYO hotels near you at this link.