Give Something Besides Candy This Year – Great Halloween Candy Alternatives

Candy Alternatives

Halloween Candy Alternatives

Feel like giving something besides candy this year for Halloween? Check out these Halloween Candy Alternatives that kids will love!
Make trick or treating a bouncing good time with these paddle balls as a candy alternative!

This assortment has everything you need for handing out friendly screams this Halloween. Fake teeth, funny glasses, slap bracelets and more!

Add an element of surprise and a little eww to the trick or treating this year! These creepy cockroaches are realistic looking and tons of fun to share.

Halloween Stamps
These are classic holiday treats that never goes out of style with kids! The assortment contains all of the essentials for Halloween; ghosts, bats and pumpkins!

These funny chattering teeth are bound to bring giggles when they are discovered in pumpkin pails this Halloween. The fangs are a perfect touch!
This is a useful candy alternative and it is fun too! Bone pens are perfect for older kids, or anyone who wants to have a little fun this Halloween.

Dozen Vinyl Halloween Character Finger Puppets 
If you want something unique, fun and candy free, you can’t go wrong with these Halloween finger puppets.

Keep them safe and stylish with these light up rings on Halloween night!

This is a great choice because kids of all ages will love it! It is colorful, funny and will last long after the holiday for for fun play sessions!

Bubbles have been a favorite among children for decades! These cute little bottles are perfect for sharing and have just have for a round of bubbles when the mood strikes!

These glow in the dark eye balls are perfect for trick or treaters! They are fun, different and best of all contain no sugar!

Not only do they make bath time lots of fun, but these Halloween rubber duckies also make a splash as at trick or treat too!

Mini “Toxic Waste” Slime 
These little cans of slime are perfect for kids of all ages this Halloween. I love that it is black for a creepy effect!

These keychains are fun to add to a backpack, or display keys on.  They are pretty sweet, without the sugar!

Rhode Island Novelty Glow In The Dark Smile Face Balls 
These glow in the dark bouncy balls are perfect for kids of a variety of ages. They are a classic novelty that kids have been bouncing into fun with for decades!