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Kids Woot: Twin Sisters Early Learning Bundle Only $19.99 – was $40.91

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phonicsKids Woot has the Twin Sisters Early Learning Bundle marked down from $40.91 to $19.99. There is a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00.

his educational bundle is great for any youngster who is eager to lean and includes the following:

Four 50-Pack Flash Card Sets

  • Each set contains 50 flash cards
  • Flash cards are just the thing for parents to use to practice key concepts with their children
  • The Alphabet flash cards will help your child learn to identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • The Numbers 1-20 flash cards will help your child develop counting and number recognition skills and give them practice ordering numbers
  • Sight Words flash cards have words that a reader should recognize instantly. Most of these words are not decodable, because you can’t sound them out
  • The Phonics flash cards includes cards for each consonant including the hard and soft sound of /c/ and /g/ and cards for both short and long vowels. Additional games and ideas help kids master basic phonetic skills
  • Each pack includes 2 parent cards that offer lots of additional activities and games you can play with your child to extend learning in practical ways
  • As a BONUS each flash card pack comes with a FREE downloadable song from:

Wipe-Clean Workbooks – 3 Subjects

  • Wipe-clean workbooks are a fun, reusable way to learn
  • Ideal for allowing children to repeat an exercise for fun or to erase a mistake
  • Numbers includes activities that will help your child learn basic math skills such as counting and writing numbers, identifying and tracing shapes, and recognizing patterns.
  • Addition lets them the facts of addition broken down by Facts 1 and 2, Facts 3 and 4, Facts 5, 6 and 7, Facts of 8, 9, 10 and 11, and Doubles! Test what they have learned with two time tests, each with 25 questions
  • In Phonics learn important pre-reading skills by breaking the secret alphabet code, learning beginning and ending consonant sounds and identifying short and long vowel words

48-Page Activity Books & CD – 4 Subjects

  • Each subject has a 48-page full-color workbook with tons of learning activities
  • Each book also includes a music CD features 12 fun learning songs!
  • With the Alphabet book your child can practice identifying, tracing and writing each letter of the alphabet
  • Learn the alphabet, initial consonant sounds, vowel sounds, consonant blends, rhyming words, and more in the Phonics workbook
  • The Preschool workbook teaches the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase letters, initial consonant sounds, numbers to 10, shapes and colors and more!
  • The Kindergarten activity book has lessons for learning uppercase and lowercase letters, beginning letter sounds, 40 sight words, numbers 1 to 20, counting sets, shapes and patterns, animals and their sounds, when to call 9-1-1, and more!
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