Pokémon Assorted Cards 50-Count Only $5.99 – Great Rewards for Kids

Do Your Kids Want Pokemon Cards?

If your kids are asking for Pokemon cards, here is a great chance to stock up!

Amazon has the Pokémon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces marked down from $15.99 to $5.99 and it ships for free with your Prime Membership or any $25 purchase.

This lot will include 50 Random Uncommon and Common Pokemon Cards. Perfect way to start or grow a collection! 50 Random Pokemon cards from random sets; these could include cards from any set from the beginning up through the current set.


Have you figured out the power of Pokemon cards yet?

pokemon cards

If you have a hard time getting kids to do chores, then this method is definitely for you! Just bribe them with Pokemon cards and they’ll be putty in your hands in no time!

For example, let’s say you want your kids to clean their room. Just tell them that if they do it, you’ll give them a few Pokemon cards as a reward. They’ll be so excited at the prospect of getting more cards that they’ll be sure to clean up in no time!

This is especially great since you can pick up this deal of 50 cards for only $5.99. That’s a lot of chores 😉

Here’s a few ideas…

1. One card for making your bed in the morning

2. One card for taking out the trash

3. One card for helping with dinner

4. One card for doing the dishes

5. One card for walking the dog (or taking care of any pet)

6. One card for cleaning up their room

7. One card for doing laundry

8. One card for taking care of younger siblings

9. One card for mowing the lawn

10. And finally, one extra special card for an A on an assignment or test!

You can also use this method to get your kids to do other things like eat their vegetables or take a bath. Just offer them a few Pokemon cards as a reward and they’ll be more than happy to do what you want!

So, next time you’re struggling to get your kids to do something, just remember to bribe them with Pokemon cards and they’ll be sure to cooperate in no time!

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