Relexit Yoga Wheel Set 3 Pack, Back Roller Foam Now $32.49

Amazon has the Relexit Yoga Wheel Set 3 Pack, Back Roller Foam for Back Pain Therapy, Stretcher, Relief, Backbends, Back Exercise Equipment for Fitness, Black/Purple marked down from $49.99 to $32.49 with free shipping when you use code L73SVH45 at checkout!

  • 【HELP WITH FLEXIBILITY】Placing the back on Relexit Yoga wheel will give you an enjoyable stretch all across the front body, creating space in the chest and abdominal muscles. Or place the wheel between the legs in the Seated Forward Bend if you need added support or behind the feet to go deeper into the stretch.
  • 【ADD SUPPORT& PREVENT INJURY】Relexit yoga wheel will help the body warm up and prevents overstretching or injury whether you’re working towards the splits or Full Pigeon pose. This wheel acts as a scaffold in those not-beginner-friendly poses and makes them more accessible.
  • 【IMPROVE BALANCE& BUILD CORE STRENGTH】Relexit yoga wheel benefits for balance work and core burn. Start slow and work your way up to more difficult poses. This wheel can be a extra yoga challenge.
  • 【HELP IMPROVE HANDSTANDS& FOREARM BALANCE】Pressing a yoga wheel against the back of your head offers a helpful counterbalance and support in inverted postures. Having something to grip and hold on to as well as having an extra boost from the floor can make a world of difference.
  • 【ADD CHALLENGE DURING MEDITATION】Relexit yoga wheel can completely transform your meditation practice.Simply place the prop behind the shoulder blades and lean against the wall. You can’t afford to slouch anymore and have to focus on both keeping yourself upright and staying present.

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