Walgreen’s is Now Offering Drive Thru Shopping

Walgreens is now offering drive-thru shopping so you won’t have to leave your car during the coronavirus pandemic!

Usually, the drive-thrus are for prescription pick-up and drop off, but now you can shop more items there. This creates a scenario where fewer people are going into the stores and increasing social distancing.

The products that can be purchased at pharmacy drive-thru are household essentials, chosen specifically to support the communities we serve as our customers practice social distancing to fight the spread of COVID-19. These additional products include:

  • Cleaning supplies and sanitizers
  • Cough/cold, pain/fever and immunity support
  • Grocery items
  • Infant formula/adult nutrition
  • Medical supplies/first aid
  • Paper goods

Here’s how it works:

  • You pull up and ask for a menu of available items which includes household goods, pain relief and cough and cold products, baby formula, medical supplies and grocery items.
  • Then, you give your order, there’s no need to pre-order or leave your car to go into the store.
  • They will assemble your order and get you on your way

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