44% off a 4 Pack of GoveeLife WiFi Water Leak Detectors **Protect Your Home from Leaks!

leaking water heater

So we had our water heater blow up last night – an old fitting just gave out, and all of a sudden, our downstairs had an inch of standing water. Luckily, we were home and were able to catch it and fix it!

But it got me thinking about what if this had happened when we were gone? It could have caused some serious damage!

I remembered seeing this deal, and honestly, I didn’t know what they were for – now I do. These detect water leaks anywhere in your home!

How cool is that? You can get a notification if you have an issue. Something that can really help if you work outside the home or travel a lot!

Luckily Amazon has this GoveeLife WiFi Water Ieak Detector 4 Pack marked down from $89.99 to $49.99 with free shipping. Yes, I just got this deal for myself lol.

These sensors connect the gateway to Wi-Fi, and it will instantly send emails, app notifications, and alerts to your phone when a water leak occurs even if you’re not at home, helping you locate the leak faster.

govee sensors house

This water leak detector is equipped with 2 top sensor probes and 4 bottom sensor probes to detect water leaks and drips. When a water leak occurs, it will activate an alarm up to 100db so you should be able to hear it!


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