FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for School

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for School

A great way to save money is to print your own Valentine’s Day School Cards at home. We have compiled a great list of FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for School.

Card stock is heavier than normal paper and may take a few attempts to get it to print properly. Every printer is going to show different settings under this drop down menu, so you may need to play around and try a couple different options to determine which works best.

One more thing to note is that certain printers do not handle heavy paper well, and it may need to be fed through a bypass or manual tray. You can tell your printer to pull from this tray instead of the main tray by changing your printer settings.

There is something for just about every kid, so pick up some card stock and start printing!

monster card 1

Free Printable Kids Valentine’s Day Monster Cards

Get your kids ready for Valentine’s Day with these fun and free printable Kids Valentine’s Day Monster Cards! Give a unique card to every special little monster in their class. With bright colors, goofy grins, and special messages, these cards are sure to make anyone crack a smile.

llama valentine day card fortnite

Fortnite Llama Valentine’s Day Card

Kiddo want Fornite Valentine’s Day cards this year?

Tell your friends they are a “llama” fun with this Fortnite Llama Valentine’s Day Card!

cheesy printable valentines day cards

Cheesey Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

Choose from 8 so-cheesy-they’re-adorable free printable Valentine’s Day cards!

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards

Star Wars Valentine’s Day CardsThese Free Star Wars Valentine Printables feature Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Han Solo and a Stormtrooper.

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Valentines That’ll Brighten Their Day

What is it about puns that makes you giggle and groan at the same time? They’re just a little bit corny, that’s why! That’s what makes them perfect for Valentines.

dinosaur card single

Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Cards

Looking for some cute cards for the kiddo to take to school? Check out these FREE Printable Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Cards

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Printable Emoji Valentine Cards

You kids will LOVE these printable emoji valentine cards! They are so much fun to bring to school for classmates, you can print them out for free!

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Pokemon Valentine’s Day Cards for Lollipops

These free printable Pokemon Valentine’s Day cards with lollipops are so much fun for kids to pass out to their friends, with all of your favorite Pokemon characters!

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Star Wars Light Saber Valentine’s Day Cards!

This free Valentine’s Day printable is perfect for any Jedi – pass them out at school and the force will be with you this Valentine’s Day!
What makes these lightsaber Valentines so cool? Real GLOW STICKS

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Finding Dory Valentine’s Day Cards!

If your kids loved the Finding Nemo & Finding Dory movies, this adorable printable Dory Valentine is the perfect way to help them celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends or classmates.

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Fish School Valentine’s Day Cards!

Super cute fish school cards that are perfect for any school!

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School

LEGO Valentine’s Day Cards

These Free printable LEGO Valentines are perfect for classroom Valentine exchanges for little LEGO fanatics! 

unicorn card single

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards

These cheerful cards feature cute and colorful designs of unicorns, rainbows, and hearts – perfect for showing someone you care.

valentines nature craft cards 1 200x300 1

Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Nature Craft

Do you or your littles enjoy collecting leaves?  Do your children like to make their own Valentine’s Day cards?  Here’s an easy Valentine’s Day nature craft card which will combine both activities!

free printable ruler valentine

Ruler Valentine Printable for Kids

Every kid, at least once, has a teacher with the rule of “no candy” valentines.

This ruler valentine printable for kids is perfect for just that!

owl valentine printable final

Owl Valentine Printable

Growing up, my kids loved getting to exchange Valentine’s with their friends and classmates at school.

creeper valentine

Minecraft Valentine’s Day Cards

These Free Printable Minecraft Valentines are perfect for those little Minecraft lovers! Just print the Valentine and Creeper candy wrapper and you’re ready to go!

sweet face ocean animals valentine cards.png

Sea Creatures Valentine Cards

Absolutely adorable, these fun Printable Sea Creatures Valentine Cards for Kids are everything a kid needs to take to their classroom Valentines party or pass out to friends in the week leading up to the big V-day.

free monster printable valentines

Valentine’s Day Monster Lunchbox Jokes

Looking to scare up some fun with your little Valentine? These free monster printable valentines jokes would make great class party valentines or lunchbox jokes for your favorite monsters.

printable star wars lego valentines day cards

Star Wars Lego Valentines Day Cards

Surprise your kids with this fun set of Printable Star Wars Lego Valentines Day cards!

sweet face cactus valentine cards

Cactus Valentine Cards for Kids

These fun Printable Cactus Valentine Cards for Kids are perfect for kids to take to school for their Valentines party or for them to just make with a happy valentine friend. Seriously, kiddos have so much fun to giving a tiny gift to their friends–with or without an accompanying treat!

printable harry potter valentines day cards

Harry Potter Valentines Day Cards

Your kids will LOVE these Harry Potter Valentines Day cards & the 10 characters included in this freebie

printable valentines day cards to color 2

Valentine’s Day Cards to Color

Seeing how much these Valentine’s Day coloring pages were enjoyed, I thought it would be sweet to use the design to create printable Valentine’s Day cards for school that kids would love.

printable valentines day cards for school

Printable Valentine’s Cards for School

With white cardstock on hand and a reliable color printer ready to go, you’re one step closer to having those cards ready for your child to take to school.

pokemon valentines pinterest image

Pokemon Valentines Cards

If you have boys ages 3-12 there’s a good chance they are obsessed with Pokemon.
It’s been around since I was a kid and yet, with the release of Pokemon Go, I think it’s the most popular it has ever been!

owl valentine cards pinterest image

wl Valentine Cards For Kids

In many ways, Valentine’s Day is a fun kid-friendly holiday!

If you have a little one who loves owls, these owl Valentine cards will be exactly what they’re looking for!

mandalorian valentines day cards tall

Mandalorian Valentine’s Day Cards

Got Mandalorian fans? These free printable Mandalorian Valentine’s Day cards are fantastic ways to help them celebrate the holiday with friends and loved ones.

printable basketball valentines pin 720x1080.jpg

Basketball Valentine Cards PDF

Do your kids love to shoot hoops? My boys love playing basketball! If your little one spend their free time on the court, grab your FREE Printable Basketball Valentine Cards!

free printable valentines cards 731x1024.png

Encanto Valentines Day Cards

Encanto Valentines are perfect to give to friends and family this Valentines Day! Snag this set of 12 free printable Encanto Valentines and print them at home again and again.

cupids heart glow stick valentines super cute diy valentines for kids

Cupid’s Heart Glow Stick Valentines

These free printable heart glow stick Valentines are the cutest to pass out for Valentine’s Day! These are fun non-candy Valentines for kids.

valentines day mini cards free printable


Print and cut these mini Valentine’s Day cards! They’re super cute and are an excellent way to tell someone you love them. Snag these cute mini cards here.

glow stick valentines

Glow Stick Valentines

These Glow Stick Valentines are perfect for the classroom and what kid does not like a glow stick. There cool and they light up. They are easy to assemble as you just print, insert glow sticks and they’re ready for the Valentines parties!

love bug valentine cards 720x1080.jpg

Love Bug Valentines

These are perfect to bring into a class for an exchange and easy to print from home. Plus, if you want to get fancy, just add a sweet treat to each card!

rubber duck

Rubber Duck Valentines For Kids

If you’re looking for an adorable printable valentine for girls, these are the cutest. Just download these FREE printable Rubber Duck Valentines, cut them out, and let your child sign their name. You can tie them, with ribbon, onto actual rubber ducks as a fun valentine to give away. They’re creative, fun and – the best part – no candy is involved.

stem valentine challenge for kids


These cute STEM Valentine tangrams for kids is a great STEM learning tool which helps build important STEM skills and makes for a sweet card!

loving you cake

8 Sweet Valentine’s Day Puns for Kids to Color

These Valentine’s Day puns are all in good fun, and they can also make for a great activity to help your kids express their feelings and show off their creative side.

valentine from teacher to student printable 2 edited 768x1024.jpg

Valentines from Teacher to Student Printable (3 Versions!)

These are not one but three different versions of Valentine’s Day cards from teachers to students.

minion valentine card printables

DIY Minion Valentine Card & Gift

If your kids are Minion fans, they’re going to love this adorable Dollar Tree valentine idea. Grab printable Minion valentine cards to make these quick and easy gifts for your kids to pass out at their class party at school.

turtle cards


Are you looking for a free printable Valentine’s Day card that your child can give out to his or her class, with a positive message? You’ve got it right here! This adorable free printable card has a great character-building message: ‘Love is Patient and Kind’!

More Valentine’s Day Freebies and Fun:

FREE Printable,Valentine’s Day Cards for School