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Trial to Noom!

For a limited time, you can get a Two week trial to Noom for only $1.00!

Noom is an app-driven diet which offers one-on-one personal health coaching and community-based chats. The sole concept of Noom revolves around the stigma of diet-seekers going into an experience alone. Through personalized meal plans, motivational and guidance, and a personal coach, Noom eliminates all the fear you may be feeling.

Once you download the Noom app, you are asked a series of questions to identify your goals. Noom wants to get to know you and your goals. Prepare to answers things such as current weight, fitness goals, bad habits, health-related issues in the past, experiences of dieting in the past and any additional information that would hinder any progress with Noom. From there, you will be set up with a certified “health-coach.” Your health coach will help you get through the 16-week course that has been customized just for you!

Try two weeks completely free! If you decide to stick with the program, Noom offers two completely different month-to-month memberships: a “Healthy Weight Program” or a “Diabetes Prevention Program.” In terms of pricing, it boils down to being between $17-59 per month depending on which package yous select. While both are seemingly different from one another, both programs are equally beneficial.


  • Noom is the world’s leading behavior change company, disrupting the weight loss and healthcare industries.
  • Noom combines the power of technology with the empathy of real human coaches to deliver successful behavior change and sustainable weight loss results.
  • Over 80% of Noom users have lost weight on other weight loss plans only to gain it all back. Our psychology-based program teaches people how to identify and change the habits that have been holding them back.
  • Through Behavioral Change: each Noom user receives coaching from professionals trained in cognitive behavior therapy. (CBT)
  • Users are offered a 14 day trial for $1, after which they are billed for the program in a lump sum payment.
  • The most common plan is $129 for 4 months ($30/month) Right away they are introduced to their Goal Specialist [Coach] and begin the daily process of reading articles, setting goals and learning, learning, learning. After the 14 day trial they are given access to a peer group and Group Coach.

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