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Redbox is an awesome way to rent movies without spending a fortune. At around $1.50 a piece, they are very economical. The cool part is, they release codes all the time that will score you FREE rentals!

Go here to see the current free rental codes—->

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Here is a list of the ongoing codes that we know of…

DVDONME (ongoing)
WALGREENS (ongoing) – only at Walgreen’s locations
DVDATMAC (expiration unknown) – only at McDonalds
REDBOXHEB (expiration unknown) – only at HEB
DVDATWEG (expiration unknown) – only at Wegman’s
REDBOX (ongoing) – first time rental code
DVDKROG (expiration unknown) – only at Kroger locations
DRIVEIN (expiration unknown) – only at Sonic locations
DVDATWAG (expiration unknown) – only at Walgreen’s locations
BREAKROOM (ongoing)

TIP: You can use each code ONCE per credit card. So you can use each code for EACH credit card you have (Debit cards work too). Just make sure to NOT enter an email address.

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  1. tina on December 11, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    The redbox codes are not good at all locations!

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