Inflatable Boat Deals

If you don’t have tens of thousands to spend on a boat, you can always go with an inflatable! These can be used in lakes, streams, and any body of water without the expense and need for a big vehicle to tow it with. Not too mention they don’t take up a ton of space!

Got questions about inflatable boats? We have a few answers for you 🙂

Are inflatable boats any good?

Inflatables will never be as durable as boats made from solid materials. They are well worth the money and will do almost as good as a real boat if you get a quality one. The inflatable boat has come a long way in the last few years and can be made with better material that will last for years!

What kind of Inflatable Boats are there?

Inflatable rowboats are the most common. They are fit for 2-3 people and usually come with oars. Inflatable kayaks are usually one to two-person boats that come with double-sided paddles. Inflatable Paddle Boards are the stand-up ones that one with one paddle.

RIBS are Rubber Inflatable Boats. These are usually the most expensive and also the most durable. These can be used with oars or a small motor. These are the ones used by Navy Seals and as dinghies on larger boats.

How long will an inflatable boat last?

On average, the life expectancy on a higher-end inflatable boat is 10-15 years ($750 and up). The mid-priced ones ($150 – $700) can be expected to last up to five years and the lower end ones ($20 – $150) should last a few years. The life span of the boat will be determined by how the boat is used and maintained. Kept outside all year round – probably won’t last long. Deflated and stored in the garage you could easily get years out of an inexpensive one!

Can you use an inflatable boat in the ocean?

A well-constructed inflatable boat is perfectly fine for saltwater use for short-distance trips. Cheap ones are always great for kids to play with at the beach!

Are inflatable boats good for fishing?

Yes, they are great for fishing lakes and streams for small fish. Not great for larger fish as there is a chance of capsizing.

Can you put a motor on an inflatable boat?

Yes, you can! RIBs are the perfect boat for adding a motor too. Some larger inflatable kayaks and rowboats are equipped with reinforced sections in the aft of the boat for a motor mount.