8 Tips For Planning A Low-Key – But Still Super Fun – Bachelor Party on a Budget

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Bachelor parties are often seen as all about getting drunk, hiring dancers, and going for a wild night out….basically the above photo. This might sound like heaven to some, but many grooms prefer a more low-key event for their bachelor party. If you’re organizing the bachelor party for a groom who wants something more relaxed, there are plenty of things you can do that will still be incredibly fun.

It is important to remember that this party is all about the groom, so going against his wishes for a low-key thing is probably not going to end well. Instead, look for chilled-out activities and things to do that will create great memories.

Find Out About The Groom’s Expectations

Finding out the groom’s expectations as soon as possible is a critical first step. Knowing what the groom wants and doesn’t want can make all the difference in planning. This event is about the groom and should be planned with him in mind. In addition, a low-key event may still mean vastly different things to different people. Run some hypothetical suggestions by the groom to get an idea of what he likes and what he doesn’t.

guest list

Keep The Guest List Small

Having a guest list of 50 is going to be hard to keep on the low-key side of things, so it is best to keep the invite list small. Choose the groom’s closest friends and family, or get a list from the groom if you’re unsure. Having a smaller guest list will also help ensure that event is a more intimate bonding experience for those that do attend. Make sure you give attendees plenty of notice for when the event will be happening.

Decide On Your Budget

Bachelor parties can be as high or low budget as the groom wants, but it is important to remember that expensive outings might be prohibitive for other guests. Letting attendees know the likely cost upfront is crucial and can make a big difference in ensuring everyone is happy and able to attend. You should crunch the numbers early and find ways to reduce costs when you can since it’s never a bad thing to go under budget with a bachelor party.

Buy Some Commemorative Hats

As far as bachelor outfits go, matching hats are pretty relaxed, which is perfect for a low-key bachelor party. This can be an excellent way for you to feel like a connected group without screaming ‘bachelor party’ to everyone you encounter. Bolt Printing offers custom embroidered hats that can be fantastic options for a chilled-out bachelor party.

Make Meals The Focal Point

Making food the focus of the bachelor party can help keep things relaxed. You could find the best places for each meal and book your party, which can also help soak up any alcohol consumed and stop things from getting overly rowdy. Mealtimes can also be a great chance to talk and catch up and get to know the other important people in the groom’s life.

variety of drinks

Provide Drinks For Different Preferences

One of the reasons for a low-key bachelor party might be that the groom and guests aren’t big drinkers, or they’re past the age when getting too drunk is fun for them. Ensuring that there are options aside from alcohol can go a long way to ensuring everyone has a good time and doesn’t feel left out of the celebration. Ensuring you find places to go that serve a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks can be ideal.

Choose The Right Destination

The destination is critical for a fun and relaxed bachelor party. Instead of ripping it up in Vegas or another classic bachelor destination, consider a smaller city or even something super low-key like going camping or a cabin in the woods. Options where you get the whole space to yourself can be great for giving you all space to relax together, rather than having to split off to different rooms in a hotel at the end of the day’s activities.

Plan The Right Activities

The activities you do will depend on the destination you choose, so think about what the groom really loves to do. You could see live music, tour breweries or bar hop in a city, or go fishing, hunting, or hiking in the countryside. You could also look into more unusual activities like escape rooms, laser tag or axe throwing for an experience the groom and guests will never forget.


Many grooms prefer a low-key bachelor party because it gives them the chance to really connect with friends and family. Ensure the events you choose provide opportunities to relax and enjoy time together can be ideal. Also, many grooms don’t enjoy being the center of attention and prefer to be in group activities where bonding is the primary goal. Whatever you choose, you should ensure the event runs smoothly and stay low-key and fun.

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