Homemade DIY Body Scrub Recipes – Great Cheap/Free Gift Basket Fillers

scrub recipes

No need to spend $10-$20 for a container of scrub. You can easily make them at home using household supplies. Even better, make a bunch and give them as Christmas gifts this year!

These make great additions to gift baskets!

essential oils in jars

What are the best essential oils for sugar scrubs?

There are many essential oils that are great for sugar scrubs. Some of the best include:

Lavender oil: Lavender oil is great for relaxation and has a calming scent. It’s also good for dry skin.

Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil is invigorating and has a cooling effect on the skin. It’s also great for relieving muscle aches and pains.

Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is an antibacterial and can help to clear up blemishes.

Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing, minty scent and can help to clear congestion. It’s also good for muscle aches and pains.

Lemon oil: Lemon oil is refreshing and has a bright, uplifting scent. It’s also great for detoxifying the skin.

Grapefruit oil: Grapefruit oil is refreshing and has a tart, citrusy scent. It’s also good for cellulite and water retention.

coconut oil in bottle with coconut

What is the best base oil for scrubs?

In my opinion the best base oil for scrubs is fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is a light, non-greasy oil that absorbs easily into the skin. It’s also great for people with sensitive skin as it won’t clog pores or irritate the skin.

If you can’t get that Olive oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and virgin coconut oil are good choices for sugar scrubs too. Use cold-pressed, organic oils for a sugar body scrub whenever possible.

making sugar scrub

How do I make a sugar scrub?

Sugar scrubs are easy to make at home with just a few ingredients. All you need is sugar, a base oil, and essential oils. Simply mix together the ingredients and store in an airtight container.

To use, apply the scrub to wet skin in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Follow up with a moisturizer if needed.

What kind of jars are good for gifting sugar scrub?

Mason jars are a great option for gifting sugar scrubs. You can find them at most craft stores or online. Another option is old candle jars, old Yankee Candle jars are perfect (once they are cleaned!). You can also find cute jars at dollar stores too.

Be sure to decorate the jars with ribbons, labels, or other cute embellishments.

Here are some sugar scrub recipes to get you started:

honey almond sugar scrub diy scaled

Honey Almond Sugar Scrub

Take some time out to put together this simple bath scrub recipe which uses just five inexpensive ingredients to create a delicious, moisturizing body scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Great addition to any gift basket!

mermaid sugar scrub

Mermaid Sugar Scrub

The beautiful blue and purple sugar sprinkles combine to create a look like the swirling ocean, and the scents of coconut and lavender will transport you to the beach!

This DIY sugar scrub recipe is easy to make at home.All you need are 4 simple ingredients and 5 minutes! Makes a great homemade gift idea!

peach mango sugar scrub image

Peach Mango Sugar Scrub

This Peach Mango Sugar Scrub is a simple, affordable gift that anyone will love. This DIY Body Scrub smells so delicious you might be tempted to eat it, but resist! Instead, use it to smooth rough, dry skin. It’s great after a day in the garden, or during an at-home spa day.

sea salt scrub recipe

Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

This sea salt scrub recipe is a wonderful blend of Himalayan sea salt and essential oils that will exfoliate dead skin, leaving your skin softer and younger looking.

Use mason jars to easy gifts!

lemon lime sugar scrub

Lemon Lime Sugar Scrub

Why spend so much money on all of those expensive sugar scrubs, when you can make your own for a mere fraction of the cost, and make them in less time than what you may think.

This lemon lime sugar scrub recipe is all natural and completely chemical free!

blueberry sugar scrub

Blueberry Sugar Scrub

This DIY sugar scrub is made with frozen blueberries which are available year round. Fresh can be substituted if you like. Save this idea as one of the ways to use up your summer blueberry pickins’.

vanilla honey diy lip scrub

Vanilla & Honey DIY Lip Scrub

If you’re not exfoliating your lips, now is the time to start! This Vanilla & Honey DIY Lip Scrub is an easy way to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

This homemade lip exfoliating scrub recipe is easy to make and requires only 4 simple ingredients – you might already have them on hand. It makes about one cup packed, so it’s definitely enough to share or gift!

cherry sugar scrub recipe

Cherry Sugar Scrub Recipe

This DIY sugar scrub recipe makes 1 cup of sugar scrub, multiply if needed if you want to make a whole batch – maybe to give as gifts.

Home made sugar scrubs make lovely thoughtful home made gifts, to give the gift of relaxation.

lemon peppermint antibacterial hand scrub

Lemon & Peppermint Antibacterial Hand Scrub

Not only is this lemon & peppermint antibacterial hand scrub practical, but it is also beautiful, exfoliating and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth.

Plus it comes together in about 5 minutes!

coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

An exfoliating coffee scrub can give you smoother skin with a fresh glow.

A coffee sugar scrub is great for combating premature aging skin, and a coffee body scrub is an excellent choice to remove dead skin cells and reduce cellulite appearance.

whipped sugar scrub

Whipped Sugar Scrub

This DIY Sugar Scrub recipe makes beautiful homemade gifts. Perfect for face & body exfoliating scrub in your bath and shower. Apply a small amount on wet skin and rub in a circular motion, gently.

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